“My Side Of The Story” By Ryan Sims Is Songwriting At It’s Best…

It was a pleasure to speak to Ryan Sims on his sophomore album “My Side Of The Story”. A true country, rock and Americana sound that has you feeling every emotion in the song. We would like to thank Ryan for his time and wish him all the best and hope to see him on the road soon.

B Chord: Hey man, give us a little insight into your background and how you got into music?

Ryan Sims: At the age of 3, I had this overwhelming urge to play guitar. I’m not really sure where it came from. I did not have anyone in my family that was really a role model for it. It just seemed like that’s what I had to do. I didn’t want to be a firefighter or a cop or a superhero, rather I just wanted to play guitar and sing. It’s a calling man like anything else that God chooses for you. If I didn’t do it, I probably wouldn’t be alive. It’s my reason to be on this earth.

B Chord: You have your new album out “My Side of the Story.” Can you tell us a little bit about the project and the writing process? I know this is a very personal album and very dear to your heart.

Ryan Sims: It all happened out of a tragedy that turned into an opportunity. I was slated to go into the recording studio in April and had all of the songs picked. Some of the songs were ones that I had recorded in the past and didn’t feel like I had done them justice. Then I went through a breakup that was very traumatic with a person that I thought that I would be with forever. She had an affair with a so-called buddy of mine. This was two weeks before I went into the studio and my whole world got turned upside down. I wasn’t really sure how this was going to affect the recording process. What ended up happening was that I threw away all of the plans that I had of recording those songs that I had already written and just began writing my ass off by myself and my producers Justin Gray and Doug Green. We put together six brand new songs that did not exist in the world. So, that tragedy brought about my very best work thus far. Hopefully these songs can help someone else heal like it did for me.

B Chord: Where have you been playing if someone is looking to come out and see you?

Ryan Sims: Right now, I have been in Phoenix where I currently live and we have been agent shopping. So if you want to see me currently you can come to Phoenix. Starting in January, it looks like we will be starting a nationwide tour. Once I hit the road in 2018, I plan to be on the road for an undetermined amount of time. I used to live in Parkville, Maryland and played with my band EastonAshe. It was my first rock band that I toured with for many years and toured the east coast. We played at Ram’s Head, The Record Theatre in Towson and many other venues in the Maryland area.

B Chord: Who are some of your musical influences?

Ryan Sims: My four major influences were: John Cougar Mellencamp, Matchbox 20, James Taylor, Dave Matthews.

B Chord: In that album, I heard a lot of John Cougar Mellencamp in your music.

Ryan Sims: Jimmy Arnoff , who was John Mellencamp’s drummer was on the project as well. I think that is what you were hearing.

B Chord: “AmericanThings” is one of my favorite songs on the album. Tell us a little more about the writing process for this song.

Ryan Sims: That song is the only tune on the record that is written by the producers and myself. When we decided to do this project, we had a problem trying to define what the music was going to be. I think my biggest asset is that I write many different styles of music and it is also my biggest downfall because agents, producers, and music buyers want to be able to tell someone what they are getting. So given that rock and roll and country was primarily what I was writing but not necessarily either, we decided to go with Americana. That being said, I wanted to put a song on the record that really enveloped the whole American theme. So we started talking about what the song should be about. I absolutely love my country and we started talking about the best parts of the United States, so “American Things” came about. The song is just what I love about this country when I wake up every day and then the bridge is about how we are not quite ourselves right now, but it’s not over and we will bounce back because we are Americans and that’s what we do.

B Chord: I love that you are so open and honest about your story. What would you like to share with someone who may be going through the same?

Ryan Sims: I don’t think a writer has any choice but to be honest with their music because the only thing that will suffer if they are not is the music. I really didn’t have a choice than being open and honest with my story or my listeners would pick up on it in my music.

B Chord: “Tragedy” is another very touching song. Can you tell us what inspired the writing of that song?

Ryan Sims: That song is the only song on the record that was written prior to what I call “the situation.” That came about from a previous relationship that ended amicably and it was one of those things where we were absolutely in love with each other but it was just not the right situation. It was probably one of the only adult break ups that I ever had. The chorus just lends to the fact that we all have this idea about what love should be and what relationships should be and a lot of that comes from growing up watching Disney cartoons and life is not a Disney cartoon.

B Chord: You have an all star cast on this album. What was it like working with some of the best musicians on this project?

Ryan Sims: OMG, I got the opportunity to record with what would be considered a supergroup if any of these musicians got together outside of my project. Given that Mellencamp was one of my heroes, having his drummer who it can be safely said that Kenny Aronoff was integral to John Mellencamp’s sound, having him on my record gave me goose bumps. The original drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta who is most sought after drummer in the world, I was on cloud nine being able to get him and at the last minute he had to back out and my producer, Justin Gray said “Well, we got Kenny Aronoff instead, is that okay?” I think my head hit the ceiling when I jumped out of my shoes. Having Darrell Jones from the Rolling Stones….that came about because we were at the Gibson boutique in Beverly Hills and we were talking to the gentleman who ran that store and telling him that we needed a bass player and he said “you should get Darryl Jones” and I said yes we sure should just joking around. He said I’ll call him. I took a deep breath and tried not to show how excited I was. Darrell answered the phone and said he would do it at the “bro price” which is unbelievable. We got Jason “Slim” Gambill from Lady Antebellum via a mutual friend in Los Angeles and Kim Bullard who is Elton John’s keyboard player. I have been finished recording this EP for five months and I still don’t think I have grasped just how great this opportunity was that I just got to experience. Also, these guys were so into the project, they didn’t just lay down their tracks, they put in the time. I think that best idea that we had with these guys was not to give them direction, rather give them the tracks and let them do what they do. As we were getting these tracks back from each player, and listening to this body of work and what is was going to be, my skin hurt from all of the goose bumps that I had all the time.

B Chord: You are a true Inspiration and I am in your corner 100 percent.

Ryan Sims: Thank you so much!

B Chord: You are stranded on an island and you can take only one instrument with you. What would the instrument be and why?

Ryan Sims: That’s a no-brainer! It would have to be my guitar. I just got a new guitar a Collings D1 acoustic and this is my first big boy guitar. Collings is made in Austin, Texas and it is the most perfect instrument that’s ever been created on God’s great earth. Probably will be the last acoustic guitar that I will have to buy. I will probably buy others but because I want them.

Please do yourself a favor and download this album and catch Ryan when he is on tour. All links for Ryan Sims are below. Photo Credit: Mark Morgan

Website – http://www.ryansimsmusic.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RyanSimsBand



It Was “Worth The Wait” for B Chord To Interview Lindsay Ell

Our love for Lindsay Ell goes back to the first time she appeared on the Bobby Bones Show. She aced every song they asked her to play and her guitar playing made me want to go out and buy a new guitar and do the same. It wasn’t that easy. I learned very quickly that Lindsay had much drive, determination and tenacity. At this point, I just had to see her play live. I had the opportunity when Lindsay came to Baltimore for the “Girls With Guitars” concert at the Hippodrome Theatre sponsored by WPOC. We had the chance to meet Lindsay and watch her perform. My first reaction when I heard her start playing the guitar and singing was, boy she can play! Months and maybe years went by and I was worried due to the stigma in country music of women not being able to climb the charts, that she would always stay the amazing guitarist that no one would ever hear. I have to tell y’all, I am so happy I was wrong. We then got to see her perform at the Million Dollar Show in Nashville and from that moment on, Lindsay took no prisoners. Her album “The Project” sky rocketed to the top of the charts and made everyone do a double take. Well, not her devoted fans! I have to say if you have not listened to Lindsay, please do. You will hear sounds of Sheryl Crow, John Mayer and Shania Twain. Lindsay developed quite a fan base on the “Weekend Warrior Tour” with Brad Paisley this past summer. We hope you appreciate this Q&A we did with her. I can’t wait to see what is next for Lindsay Ell!

Lindsay is a country music singer songwriter, and guitarist from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her first full length album “The Project” is currently available for purchase. At the age of 6, she started playing and mastering the piano and by age 8 fell in love with music and the guitar. She went on to become Valedictorian of her high school. Lindsay studied business at the University of Calgary and then went to The Berklee College of Music. The amazing Randy Bachman discovered Lindsay when she was only 15 years old and helped her producer her first album “Consider This.” He said of Lindsay that she was “the most talented and multi-faceted artist I’ve come across in many years.” I have to say we totally agree!  We hope we’ve covered some questions that haven’t been asked of Lindsay before.

B Chord: So you have been through a whirl wind of excitement with “The Project” being released. Tell us a little of how you have been feeling over the last month since the album has been out? All while being on the Brad Paisley tour is pretty amazing!!

Lindsay Ell: It’s been a crazy past few months for sure. Getting to officially release my debut album has been amazing. I finally feel like I know what I want to sound like as an artist…and that’s a hard thing to find sometimes. I’m grateful for my producer, Kristian Bush. He really helped me through the process of discovering myself and my sound. And the Brad Paisley tour has been so inspiring. It’s amazing to get to watch one of your guitar idols play ever night on stage. I feel lucky to have toured with Brad and have learned so much from him.

B Chord: We wanted to reach out to one of your fan clubs, so we asked Jacquie who runs @LindsayEllFans on twitter to give us a question. Here you go. ..Is there any song you recorded for “The Project” that didn’t make the cut?

Lindsay Ell: Great question Jacquie! First off…Jacquie is amazing! I have the best fans. .And yes! I can think of a few off the top of my head. One called Panic Attack that I know is going to be on my next project. Hopefully I’ll start recording again next year!

B Chord: Kristian Bush is such an amazing person and talent. How did he help and influence you on this album?

Lindsay Ell: I’ve learned so much from Kristian throughout this whole process. Being a songwriter, artist and producer himself…he understands so many sides of this business. I feel that he was the perfect person to guide me and surround me with the right influences to help me discover my sound. The Project would not have been brought to life in the same way without him.

B Chord: Which food do you miss most from Canada?

Lindsay Ell: I have a sweet tooth…so Canadian maple syrup, Coffee Crisp, Smarties (which are not like US smarties), SKOR bars and Tim Hortons.

B Chord: What does Girl Power “GRL PWR” mean to you?

Lindsay Ell: Being fearless! Not letting people around you influence your decisions. Following your heart and your gut and going for it.

B Chord: If you could speak words of wisdom to every female artist trying to make it in the music industry, what would you tell them?

Lindsay Ell: Discover who you are, and do not stray away from it. Surround yourself with people you respect and admire. You will rise to the level of your friends, so make sure you’re making good decisions with the people you bring into your life. And lastly, hard work NEVER goes under looked.

B Chord: You are an amazing guitarist and musician. How do you keep yourself at your best while always improving? How much do you still practice during a typical week?

Lindsay Ell: Every week is different because I travel so much these days. I know that I always try to play guitar every day. Sometimes that means 4 hours and sometimes that means 10 minutes. But I always try to practice or work on something new every single day. Also, playing with musicians that are better than me helps you raise your own bar.

B Chord: I recently saw that Fender sent you a custom guitar with the paint scheme of the guitar you painted for “Waiting on You.” Are they going to release this guitar for sale? How did they send it to you and were you surprised?

Lindsay Ell: I painted a guitar for every song on my record. I wanted fans to be able to listen to The Project in its entirety and then get to see The Project in paint. I started playing the Waiting on You guitar at my shows because fans were reacting to all my guitars. When Fender surprised me with an official signature model…the first Lindsay Ell signature…I was shocked! Hopefully, one day soon I’ll have a signature guitar on the market.

B Chord: So we ask our signature B Chord question to every artist that we interview. Here it goes… you are stranded on an island and you can take just one guitar with you. What would it be and why?

Lindsay Ell: This answer has been changed recently. I name all of my guitars…At the end of the Brad Paisley tour, Brad bought me a custom 65 relic strat, and it’s now my favorite guitar – appropriately named Bradley.

B Chord: The video for “Waiting on You” was very well done. Where was it filmed and how long did the process take? Who are the background singers in the video?

Lindsay Ell: We shot the video for “Waiting on You” just south of Nashville with director, Peter Zavadill. I wanted a video that was organic and real, like the song is to me. Peter’s treatment seemed to fit everything that I wanted; as it was based around tube amps to begin with…It took us all day to shoot the video. I was able to use my own band in the video as well as hiring two incredible backup singers, April Rucker and Danelle Corbin.

Lindsay, thank you so much for doing this interview, I truly appreciate it. An interview with you has been one of B Chords desires for a long time and I am so glad we got the opportunity.

Please go get “The Project” if you haven’t done so yet. Also, below you will find links to some of Lindsay Ell’s social media and music.

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/waiting-on-you/id1276715408?i=1276716886

Website – https://www.lindsayell.com/

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4lpA7MWpQpY7hKkwfLxw2Q

Twitter – https://twitter.com/lindsayell?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lindsayell/?hl=en

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/officiallindsayell/


“New Beginnings” with Madeline Smith

We branched out to New Jersey for this interview and got the chance to talk to Madeline Smith! Madeline is an amazing singer/songwriter and musician that we have been following for some time. She truly has a unique sound that is unrivaled and some of the best song writing I have experienced so far. She has released two albums so far “Madeline Smith” and “New Beginnings” and both are worthy of your downloading. When we started B Chord, the goal was to provide a voice to the up and coming singer/songwriter and help them gain exposure in the different markets. So, we could not be prouder to help her and let y’all know who Madeline Smith is! I know you will enjoy.

B Chord – Tell us a little about where you grew up and how you got into music?

Madeline Smith – I grew up in New Jersey which is kinda weird for the genre of music but spent my summers and holidays down in Louisiana. All of my family is from there and we have a hunting camp in Mississippi. I grew up with strong southern roots and country music. So I was the girl in New Jersey who wore cowboy boots and sang country music. They would all ask what is wrong with you. So, I started getting into music when I was around 10 or 11 and that is when I started to play the piano as a part of school. I never thought of it as anything other than that until I was in High School and my guitar teacher said “hey you could do this for a living.” That had never even occurred to me before that moment. I then said wow that could be amazing, so I told my parents that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Their response was “Heck No!” “You need something that will be stable.” “You are going to go to college and you are going to get a good job.” I was 15 at the time and made them a deal. I said if I get all A’s and finish high school early by doubling up on all my studies will you support me in this? So, I finished high school at the end of 10th grade with a 4.0 and my parents said “Ok we see you are serious about this and we will support you.” So I have been doing it ever since.

B Chord“New Beginnings” is your recently released new album. Can you tell us a little about the album and the process of creating it? Also, do you have a favorite song on the album?

Madeline Smith – We are working on the video right now. So we will have one out this month and three more that we will scatter on the releases. We wanted to try and get them all filmed now before it gets too chilly to film outside. We finished the final draft yesterday and we are working on all the final changes. It will be on Vevo and scheduled to be released hopefully in the next few weeks. We filmed that one up north, while we were thee for shows. I have a video guy in that region who is really awesome and we shot it up there. Favorite song on the album….. Oh, I don’t know. I love each song for different reasons. With “New Beginnings” it is a bit different because every song has a story behind it, where as my first album was created when I was 16/17 and I was putting out songs. I didn’t know who I was yet and just wanted to put out music. The first album is always that way you try to figure out how does this work and I just want to put out a song. It was such a learning experience and with “New Beginnings” where I took the time to make it what I wanted it to be and personal about my life. People relate to music being more personal. So it is really hard for me to just pick one song when I love them all and they all mean something different.

B Chord – You have hit the top 20 on the U.K. charts and also attended the British Country Music Awards. How was that experience?

Madeline Smith – Oh my gosh, it was crazy! First off, we had no idea that was going to happen. We took the first three singles “Stay” “State of Mind” and “Catchin Fireflies” and decided to put them out on the U.K. scene. The radio over there is so much different than it is here in the U.S. Radio is not controlled in the U.K. so anyone can put out singles on the radio and have access to the format. It is really awesome because anyone can be heard. We didn’t do any promotion on them, rather we just gave them the songs. I then received a call from my guy over there and he said, “You will never believe this but you are in the top 20!” I couldn’t believe it. All three singles hit the top 20 and that was insane. I was then invited over to play on the British Country Music Awards. It was a different experience because it is so different from the U.S. awards. I was out of my element but it was really nice. We hopped on a tour for a little bit and had a blast.

B Chord – You have opened for some amazing people so far in your career! Kelsea Ballerini, Darius Rucker, Lee Brice and recently Dylan Scott. What have you taken away from these experiences and does any single one stand out for helping and mentoring you?

Madeline Smith – That’s a hard question. They have all been amazing in their own ways. Every show we have done with the amazing acts have been incredible and the fans have been absolutely incredible. It is awesome to see how the fans support not only who they came there to see, but they become my fans too. Country music fans are not about following just one artist. They support everyone in the genre and that is just amazing! So, one of the coolest experiences is when we opened for Darius Rucker and I was about to turn 17 at the time. It was the third show I ever did in my life and it was very intimidating. I had no idea how I got that job, I didn’t have a CD out, no one knew who I was, and someone just called and said hey we want you to open for Darius Rucker. How did you even find me and no one even knows who I am ha. It was so funny and looking back on that was incredible. There was 5,000-6,000 people and I remember thinking I can’t believe I am in this moment. Now those moments are more frequent and that was the first of many. We have recently played in front of 30,000 people. It is cool to see how it has grown over the years.

B Chord – So in honor of your song “Lie To Me”, which we love by the way, tell me two truths and one lie and let’s see if I can guess the lie. Ready?

Madeline Smith – Oh My Gosh. Two truths and a Lie. I have never done this before. Ok ok I got it. I can play the banjo, I can play the mandolin and I have lived in Asia.

B Chord – Ok let me think, I am going to say the lie is that you can play the banjo

Madeline Smith – Nope I can play the banjo, I can’t play the mandolin!

B Chord – Ah, you got me. I was trying to give you all the musical accolades so I should have known. I have seen you play piano and guitar. Ahh.

B Chord – I think you just had a pretty big birthday didn’t you? 21! Happy Birthday, has anything changed since?

Madeline Smith – Thank you. Finally, when we play bars and I can finally drink at all these venues. Nothing else has changed. I have been playing bars and clubs for the past 3 years. I was allowed in if I was playing legally but that is really the only difference.

B Chord –  You had the ability to work with Kent Wills, Dolly Parton’s producer, band leader and guitarist. How was that experience?

Madeline Smith – It was awesome! Kent is great! I worked with him on both of my albums. He is a phenomenal producer and guitarist and it shows while playing with Dolly for all these years. So he actually brought in Nashville’s top musicians for the album. He wanted to do both the albums the right way. We spent a lot of time talking about influences and where we wanted to go with it. He actually heard me and heard what I wanted out of each album and that is why we work so well together. He listened to my words and somehow made it all musical. It is so hard to create something if you don’ t have a vibe with that person. I am so lucky and blessed to have found and worked with him on both of my projects.

B Chord – A group from New Jersey that was on a T.V. show made “GTL” famous right, Gym, Tan, Laundry. I know, I know Jersey Shore. Give us Madeline Smith’s three must do’s?

Madeline Smith – Oh instead of Gym, Tan, Laundry, it would have to be Starbucks Food and being goofy. People who know me make fun of me on my Instagram because every day it is Starbucks. Then they make fun of me for the amount of food posts I do. I am a huge foodie. I am also a goof ball, so they are the three things I am known by.

B Chord – What would be your favorite venue you have played to date?

Madeline Smith – It would have to be The Arena in Orlando, Florida. We played an event there for the ECHL All Star Game. It was broadcasted on NHL Network and we played during the intermission of the game. It was a filled arena and it was broadcasted on television. We had no idea it was on until we started getting calls saying, “Hey did you know you are on TV right now?” It was so cool. That is the biggest venue we have ever played and it was terrific.

B Chord – I love your storytelling in your song writing. It is very true and real. My favorite song of yours so far would have to be “Stay”. I know, I love the slow sad songs, ha! Can you tell us a little about the writing process and where the inspiration came from?

Madeline Smith – It is actually my favorite song ever. People always think the song is about a break up and it actually isn’t.  That is one of the things I love about the song, it has such a double meaning. It can be about breaking up with someone or also about losing someone you love. I actually wrote the song about my Cousin and my Grandmom. I lost both of them in a span of a year and they were both very shocking and unexpected. The song was about losing someone I loved and then being able to get through that. Girls love this song and they come up to me after a show balling saying, “I just broke up with my boyfriend.” I love that they get that meaning too and it is just such a different meaning for me. It is great that people can find different ways for the song to touch them.

B Chord – Tell us your favorite video which you have recorded?

Madeline Smith – I would have to say, “State of Mind”. That was a really fun one to record. It was my first video that I ever made and everyone in it was either friends or family. The video director said, “Let’s get a bunch of extras and fake food and we will stage a party.” We looked at him and said “No, No, No, No, No!”. We will get friends and we will have a real party! We had all our friends and family at a farm and we had a party and that is what he filmed. I think that is why the video seemed so real.

B Chord – So, at B Chord, we have a question that we ask everyone. So much that I might not have to write it in future articles. I will ask it to you a little differently. So, you are stranded on an island and you can take one instrument with you. What would that be and why?

Madeline Smith – I would have to take my Martin guitar. It was my first guitar and it is gorgeous! It is an acoustic electric and I take it to just about every show! So that is my go to instrument.

B Chord – Do you have any exciting news or must see shows coming up?

Madeline Smith – Definitely keep an eye out for the new music videos! We are doing so many videos right now and they will be spaced out so we don’t overwhelm everybody. It will be a lot of new content and visuals to these songs. There is so much I can’t share  right now, but there is a lot coming out very soon.

Please go and check out the following links for all Madeline’s music






B Chord “Found You” Kane Brown


The morning after the release of “Found You”, we were able to speak with Kane Brown about the new song and his Self-Titled Deluxe Edition album coming out. The album will contain the same songs as the original release with 4 new tracks, including a duet with Chris Young. The deluxe version is out on October 6th. We asked him to describe his early beginnings all the way up to his current projects. Kane Brown has one of the largest social media followings in the business. We hope you appreciate the interview as we are huge fans of Kane as well.

B Chord“Found You”, your new single release came out last night!! That is so exciting. Can you give us some insight on the song and also the deluxe album that will be coming out this October?

Kane Brown – The writing process man was me, my buddy Taylor Phillips, this guy Brock and a few others that helped. We were basically writing a song about this guy’s broken heart. Everything seems to be like the same thing writing recently, so we wanted to make it a little different. We took a guy who was broken- hearted and picked him up and took him out of the bar and to a house party that he says he doesn’t want to go to and he meets this girl. He never would have met her unless he went to the party and had lost his ex. The debut album “Kane Brown” was really a story about my life and everything that I had gone through. When listening, you really get to learn who I am. With the Deluxe version, I am getting to add four new songs. I am going to show all my fans the route I am heading with my music. I feel like it sounds a lot different. I recently got engaged, so I am just telling you I am in love. Every song on there is pretty much about my fiancé except for one.

B Chord – Tell us a little about being discovered as a Facebook artist that had a fantastic following to now being signed with RCA Nashville. You now have a certified gold record with “Used to Love You Sober” and “What Ifs”?

Kane Brown – Man, it is honestly hard at times but really cool as well. When I first started out a bunch of people saw these numbers come out and they said “Ah this is fake, blah, blah, blah.” To me it was like, who am I and how is this fake? I didn’t have the money to do this. It was really hard with radio because they agreed that what I was doing was fake, but I knew what was real because I have my solid fan base who know who I am and what I am doing. I could live my whole life and have this solid fan base and be fine and comfortable, but if I want to get to that Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean level I really need radio. So that has been the hardest part, but luckily we have radio now and it is not that bad being the Facebook guy anymore.

B Chord – What can someone expect to see at your show that has not yet had the chance to see you perform?

Kane Brown – You are going to see a rock band with more of my band being rock than me. I am still working on my stage presence and still trying to learn all I need to learn on stage. I am starting to dance a little bit more too. My band is just really fun to watch. Especially my bass player and my rhythm guitarist they are just super rock and roll man.

B Chord – One of my favorite songs that you perform is “Cold Spot”. Can you give us some insight on this song and where it originated from?

Kane Brown – Yeah man, the song originated from my Granddaddy. He used to own a store called the Cold Spot. It was just recently torn down. They sold everything from crickets, worms, minnows, etc. You could even get your deer license there and beer as well! It was just this perfect little convenience store. There were no Walmart’s, Targets or interstates, so everyone had to drive right by his store. That is where I learned to play baseball and basically where I grew up. After I went to Nashville, country music is all about songs that tell a story, my background was really in the back of my head. I took it from there and literally the day that I finished the song I was going to go show it to my Papa and he passed away. It was a month later that they tore the building down and then four or five days ago my Grand Dad brought me his Cold Spot jacket. So I still have that memory but the other memories are just what I remember.

B Chord –What has been one of the highlights for you being on the Jason Aldean Tour?

Kane Brown – Just being on the Jason Aldean tour! He is a good guy and an awesome role model for music. He is a rocker. I am an idol to Chris Young. I just get off stage and I “fan girl” the whole time and sign along to their music. It is awesome.

B Chord = “What Ifs” rose really fast and is now Certified Gold. Can you describe the shooting of the video? The views are just breathtaking!

Kane Brown – It was in California about three hours outside of where we landed. There were vineyards everywhere and huge cliffs with underwater caves. There were seals jumping everywhere while we were filming. Then the backside of where we filmed was all woods. A huge pasture with cows and they even said bear would run through this area as well. We were able to ride Arctic Cats up there and go four wheeling to see some of that scenery. It was great for Lauren Alaina and me because we grew up in this small town of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and just to be in Nashville now and then go and record a music video together. It was sick.

B Chord – One of my highlights you do is the “Bathroom Productions” on your social media. Can you tell everyone about that and how it started?

Kane Brown – We always started doing our covers in a bathroom with great acoustics so we said oh we will just start calling it Bathroom Productions!

B Chord – Do you have a favorite venue that you have played so far?

Kane Brown – Oh man, I would have to say the Intersection. I give them a lot of love. I have played there now three or four times and it always sells out! The people there are just always great.

B Chord – What is written on your dog tag we see you wearing?

Kane Brown – I actually lost that man. It broke my heart. My fiancée got that for me and it has the coordinates of where we first met and the date.

B Chord – Is it hard to stay true to your sound in the country music format? I love the songwriting and storytelling in today’s country music but I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Kane Brown – Honestly, these days I am just going to write my music and release it. I have such a core fan base that I grew on Facebook so it really doesn’t matter for them. But you have to be careful with country radio because you have to find at least one song you can put out and that they will play. It is kinda like Justin Timberlake or Steven Tyler putting out a song and trying to get it played on country radio.

B Chord – You can pick one male or female artist to do a duet with. Who would it be and why?

Kane Brown – I am going to say Jason Aldean. I already have one with Chris Young that is coming out real soon. But I would have to say I would love to do one with Florida Georgia Line as well. I have been on tour with FGL and they are two huge artists and I love their music. It would be cool to have a rock song or a “windows down” driving around song.

B Chord – Our signature question for every artist we interview is as follows. You are stranded on an island and you can take one guitar. What would it be and why?

Kane Brown – I would have to say it would be my newest Martin. I love that guitar and it has an amazing sound.

B Chord – I want to ask you to tell us about one more thing. I was looking around and saw a charity initiative coming up that you were backing and wanted to spread the word on that. Can you share that with us?

Kane Brown – Sure! I teamed up with Make Room, Inc. to become a voice for people who can’t manage to pay their rent or need help to pay it. I grew up experiencing the same thing. My mom didn’t make a lot of money. She had two kids and basically was a single parent. She never let on to us at all though that she was struggling. So I really want to help other people out like she did.

I just want to take a moment to thank Kane Brown for a truly amazing interview and keep up the great work man. You can find all his links below. Please go and Pre-Order Kane Brown Deluxe Edition now!!

Kane Brown Website – http://kanebrownmusic.com/

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/3oSJ7TBVCWMDMiYjXNiCKE#_=_

ITunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kane-brown-deluxe-edition/id1277175594?app=iTunes




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Adam Yarger in Ocean City, Md.

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I traveled to Ocean City, Md. to see Adam Yarger play at Cowboy Coast. Despite the storm that was rolling through, we had a great time at the concert. Adam played on the outside stage and from the time he plugged his acoustic electric Martin into the amp he had the whole place on their feet and dancing. Some of the cover songs he performed went from Outcast to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Luke Combs. Adam’s vocals were spot on and his voice had a hint of Brantley Gilbert with some Josh Turner mixed in. I highly recommend seeing him perform. Also, check out two of my favorite songs of his “Back Road” and “Find Me Fishing”. Adam has true talent and will have a tour schedule that you will not want to miss!

B Chord – So Adam, I am going to hit you with something that you probably haven’t been asked before. Your logo. I love it. How did it come about? It truly has a rustic country look.

Adam Yarger – Man, I don’t remember where the idea came from. I know I wanted something universal that could stand and out and be put on a business card to a banner. I thought people really like the arrow and the 1994, that is true to my heart because it was the year I was born.

B Chord – So give us a run down on your background, where you came from, how you got into playing music?

Adam Yarger – I loved music growing up and I used to listen to the old stuff like America and Bob Seger. My first concert I ever went to was Aerosmith and I was really into the classic rock and rock scene. It was in high school I heard my first Craig Morgan song and man, I was hooked. I loved it. It seem truly real. It was song that seemed like it could just connect to someone on that level. That is what will make you stand out.

B Chord – So I have a few years on you but when I was in High School, I was the odd man out because I loved country music when they were all listening to Led Zeppelin and Fish. I was hooked as well on that sound. So you are from State College, Pa.?

Adam Yarger – Yeah, I tell people State College because everyone knows where it is but I’m actually from Centre Hall, Pa..

B Chord – Have you played or ventured into the Maryland area a lot?

Adam Yarger – We play down here in Ocean City and the beach a lot. We are going to set up more dates down here because the area has been so good to us.

B Chord – 2015 you released your first EP. I have to tell you I love “Back Road”, did you write that? Can you tell us how that project came about?

Adam Yarger – “Back Road” is a fan favorite and yes I wrote that all by myself. The music video that is on Youtube I did that as well.

B Chord –So the video credit has your name on it. How did that come about?

Adam Yarger – I actually use to have a photography gig in high school so I have a really nice camera. When we did the song I said, why don’t we try to do a video that feels real homey. I showed my hometown and they really like the video.

B Chord – I have a question that about something that I read in your “About Me.” I get to Nashville at least 2-4 times a year and I noticed that you got to play a show with Mo Pitney. Can you tell us a little about that gig? He is a terrific guy and we were able to meet him when he played at the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Adam Yarger – I played with him in early August of last year. I didn’t get to meet him. I was so bummed. I was so busy with getting ready and all I wanted to do was sit and talk to him for a little. Ha. He is only a year older than I am so I would have loved that sit down. Just shows how when you play with an artist you don’t always get that chance.

B Chord – You are currently on tour that has you all over. A lot of artists just run a small circle of states or venues. Give us some insight on that.

Adam Yarger – This weekend I will be in Detroit and Chicago. We just talked to our guy in Iowa and looks like we will be heading back out there very soon as well. We have Colorado in October, we will be all over the place. When the winter time comes I like to do a whole month down in the state of Florida. It is vacation work and I love it!!

B Chord – Favorite venue? One place every time you play you say, wow this is just great.

Adam Yarger – Oh, that would have to be my home town fair, The Grange Fair. I love going and playing it. Last year in August it was a living hell leading up to it. I didn’t have a band a few days before the show, my girlfriend moved out and took a bunch of stuff, ha so there was drama too. It was the best country song ever written! We had 5,000 people show up for the show it was insane. I have been going to that fair since I was 1 month old. I was born in July and was there in August. 23 years and counting and I got to play the stage I saw so many people come up on. It was a real sweet moment for me personally.

B Chord – So lyric wise and the whole package, my favorite song of yours has to be “18”. I have a 19 year old now that put me through a few grey hairs, ha. Tell us about the song.

Adam Yarger – Boy 18 is a wild and crazy age! I love a song that you can connect too and connecting to a personal moment for someone. I put everything and in that and if someone can relate to it, you can make them smile or to another place. Writing a good song could make someone smile, drink or cry. This is the most personal song I have written because I did break my hand as the lyrics say. We would go out behind the family business in the woods and throw down. It was awesome.

B Chord – We have a signature question and we ask everyone the same one. You are stranded on an island and you have one guitar with you. What would it be?

Adam Yarger – It would have to be the Martin custom series I have. We have been all over the country and that guitar is fantastic. I broke a string the other night and re-strung it and you know you start playing to stretch them out. I told my manager this sound is just amazing!! It sounds so good.

Adam is currently working on new music with Dolly Parton’s guitarist, Kent Wells, so make sure you keep your eyes out for it. Below, you will find links for all Adam’s music and social media.




Also, please check out Cowboy Coast the next time you are in Ocean City, Md.. Great venue, terrific food and a great atmosphere!!




Shane Gamble – An Amazing Talent You Should Know

We had the privilege to speak with Singer Songwriter and Producer Shane Gamble. I truly want to thank him for his time. Shane is an amazing talented musician and person. We were able to sit down with him before his show at Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, and relax with some appetizers and enjoy his music. To give you an idea of Shane’s voice and sound I would have to say a mixture of Gary Allen and Kip Moore . Shane is a true musician and I highly recommend that you attend one of his upcoming concerts. You will not only love watching him perform but he is an amazing storyteller as well. So now enjoy this fantastic interview with a great and talented musician.

B Chord – Thanks for taking time to talk with us. 

We are currently sitting here at the lovely Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, Md. 

B Chord – So being that we have a little Maryland connection, tell us a little bit about where you grew up in Md. and some of your fav spots and venues?

Shane Gamble – I was born in Missouri, right outside of St. Louis and then very early on moved to Walkersville, Md. when I was 5. My Dad and my mom taught at Maryland school for the deaf. Started playing guitar when I was 12. I got my first electric guitar and started playing Metallica and was just addicted to it. I gave up sports and focused solely on music. I used to play baseball and was shortstop. But I have to admit I am a baseball-a-holic now. I would have to say that some of my favorite places to play in the area would have to be the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md.. Smaller venue I love to play Parallel Wine and Whiskey in Ashburn, Va. It has an awesome outdoor spot. Also, there is a really neat place in Leesburg, Va. called Vanish Farmwoods Brewery. It has a really nice outdoor feel to it. I play a ton of shows around. I have played Seacrets in Ocean City, Md. for about 5 years and we have a great fan base down there. We just played the Bottle & Cork in Dewey as well. 

B Chord – What made you start doing music and at what age?

Shane Gamble – I got addicted to my Dad’s Bob Dylan records. Early stuff like Master’s of War and Girl From The North Country. Then I got into Tom Petty and Springsteen. Some country stuff too like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, folk that were all in the 90’s country realm. Garth Brooks, Big and Rich to Def Leppard. 

B Chord – You know the thing that stands out for me on this is one name. Dylan.  I can not tell you how much of an inspiration he seems to be to all music and even today’s country.

B Chord – I have to say I love the new song Tangled In You. It is just a great feeling song with a terrific melody. I’m a sucker for love songs ha Tell us a little about the song, writing it, and then video?

Shane Gamble – So, I am married I have kids and doing what I do for a living, being out for a bunch of days at a time, it is easy to not be so grounded in that situation. So for me it is a song about staying grounded in the REAL life. The video was filmed in Hilton Head. It was a two day shoot. My social media guy John Yaglenski with Levelbest Communications, who has been on all my shoots. I actually used to teach him guitar, he is just a great business guy. Finally, I sent him a rough mix of this song and he said ” Bro, this is a great song you have to let me shoot the video for this.” So he learned through a bunch of my other shoots and he did a fantastic job on the video. 

B Chord – You have a lot of different roots in music so how do you feel about the course of country music these days?

Shane Gamble – I think its great! Honestly I can appreciate where it has come from with Johnny Cash, and Haggard. I used to listen to Skip Ewing, he is a big song writer know in Nashville and that is country. But then I also think you can hear that real country thing in what Florida Georgia Line does too. The story telling is just amazing. I wore the heck out the last Jason Aldean album. If is a well written song, and it tells a great story, I am all about it. To me it isn’t just that it is Country music it is great music. Guys like Sam Hunt kinda cross that line for people where isn’t totally country he tells great stories with great meaning that makes great music.

B Chord – Do you have any really awesome touring dates coming up?

Shane Gamble – I just added a date with Phil Vassar. It is September 24th at Landsdowne Resort in Va. It is a fundraiser for Bob Nickel who was one of Phil’s classmates at JMU. So he actually asked us to be his back up band that night. He will be at the Rams Head this weekend too. I also have a really cool festival on Saturday September 30th in Atlantic City, NJ. at Bader Field It will be with the Eli Young Band and Dan & Shay and also Chase Rice. It is called the Atlantic City Country Music and Food Truck Festival. 

B Chord – Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Shane Gamble – Just making music. Growing my fan base and producing records. I produce music in my new studio outside of Frederick, Md. now as well. So that really keeps me busy. Playing shows and producing records.

B Chord – So your album American Heart came out in 2016. Tell us a little about the process of making that album. 

Shane Gamble – So American Heart basically started when I had a song called “Turn My Way” that really surprised me. The record was kinda AAA, Americana and my guys were like, what do you want us to do with this, ha. It is really cool but different.  Yeah, so I had this one stand out track that I felt really connected to. I worked at it for about a year and it is really hard to break a song if you don’t have a million bucks ya know. So, long and short, I got really lucky the Highway Sirius XM added it and took it to #1 on their charts. So I went down to Nashville and made a record down there. I got to write with some really special people like Andrew Dorff, Deric Ruttan, who wrote “Any Ol’ Bar Stool”. So that album was written in the typical Nashville fashion with co-writing ya know. I think 8 of the songs were co-written down there. So that was my first shot at that style and being in Nashville. So we wrote it and I hung onto it for about a year and then I put it out myself. I have been working on a new album now. It will have about 10 songs and Tangled In You seemed like a summer song so I wanted to put that out. So the goal is to put the new record out in about October. So November we will put release another song with a video

B Chord – The one cover song you are so sick of doing ha.

Shane Gamble – I thought you were going to say the one cover song that you hate to play, which I don’t do because I don’t play anything I don’t like.. lol. I actually said this the other night, “Wagon Wheel” I feel as awesome of a song it is you know, Dillon, but it has become the new “Free Bird” So I have to say Wagon Wheel

B Chord – Your favorite song to do live?

Shane Gamble – Good one. This is going to sound like I am totally pumping my new single but “Tangled In You”. Maybe it because I just feel it so much right now. 

B Chord – So we have a B Chord signature question. Here it goes. Your are stuck on an island but you have one guitar with you. What guitar would that be…

Shane Gamble – Oh wow, I have to say, Martin D18, it is currently getting a neck reset right now. So if I had to go to the island right now I would be really stuck. I would be lost on the island. I would definitely take my Martin D18

Here is an easy way to get all access to Shane Gamble





Catching up with Canaan Smith

We had the chance to talk to Mercury Recording Artist, Canaan Smith before he comes to Maryland on August 25th at Union Jack’s Annapolis. Let me share my excitement about Canaan being my first interview. My wife and I discovered him as we were planning our wedding. Since we are country music fans we wanted to find the perfect song and we came across his single “We Got Us” and it was perfect! We danced to that song in September 2010 in front of all of our family and friends. . I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Union Jack’s has been venturing into country music, and to say the least, we are thrilled for live country music so close to home. Join us at Union Jack’s Annapolis on August 25th, doors open at 6pm, with Canaan taking the stage around 8 pm. Please note the concert is 21+. Arrive early to enjoy dinner, pool tables, darts and a few pints of beer.  You won’t want to miss this!

B Chord Q & A

B Chord – Being a Williamsburg, Va. native you weren’t that far from Maryland. Is there anything you love about the area or remember?

Canaan Smith – I didn’t get to Maryland a whole lot but I do remember playing soccer there. I was on a travel team and we have tournaments and games. I know that every time we perform there the fans are always amazing!! I do have a new-found love and taste for raw oysters, so when we get there I need to make sure I find a great spot.

B Chord – What can a fan new to Canaan Smith expect to see at your show.

Canaan Smith – A cohesive group of guys that love what they do. I am more than just a singer singing songs. We like to include the audience and make it an experience together. This group absolutely loves what we do and it shows.

B Chord – If you were to tell someone to download one of your songs. Which one would it be and why?

Canaan Smith – Love You Like That. This song just has such a great melody to it and the words are really cool. It is a song that you can just sing along with and take a lot away from.

B Chord – You have written songs with some amazing people, Florida Georgia Line, Love & Theft, Coles Swindell and Jason Aldean. I have to say one of my favorites has to be “Black Tears”. Can you take us through how that song came about?

Canaan Smith – Oh wow, that is really cool you picked that song. Man, this started as just a bazar idea. I was at college and after classes, Tyler Hubbard, of Florida Georgia Line. What brought the idea of a prostitute who is stuck and wants out of something she feels trapped in, is beyond me. I feel we all can relate that at some point we felt trapped and needed to find an escape. The song brings out sympathy for her and was just amazing to write.

B Chord – If you could do a duet with one person, who would that be.

Canaan Smith – Oh, that is hard with all the amazing talent and artists out there.

B Chord – Let’s say pick a female artist

Canaan Smith – Ok, Adele for sure!! She is just amazing. I love all of her melodies in her songs and her vocals. She would blow me away singing with her, ha. She has some pipes though. Adele is amazing for sure.

B Chord – So I heard something and I wanted to see if it was true, ha. I listen to 98.7 WMZQ here and the Bobby Bones Show is on in the morning. I heard that you recorded the jingle for that, is that true?

Canaan Smith – Ha, yes I did that speaking part of “The Bobby Bones Show”

B Chord – But isn’t that you singing “This is the Bobby Bones Show”

Canaan Smith – Oh yeah that is me. That was great!

B Chord – Talk about pipes Man, I was like, who is that belting that part out. I tried for the longest time to listen and figure it out. You talk about Adele, you killed that brother.

Canaan Smith – Thanks man

B Chord – Ok to the real cool stuff! When can we expect new music from you.

Canaan Smith – I am actually working on it as we speak. I am not sure as far as a release date yet but I can say it will be coming soon!

B Chord – So here at B Chord we have a signature question. I am a huge guitar fan so here it goes. You are stuck on island and you can have one guitar with you. What would it be?

Canaan Smith – I would have to say my 1979 Martin D35. That is my favorite guitar. My Uncle gave it to me and it was in perfect condition. I had it on the road with me for a while but it stays home now. Every scratch and dent on that guitar, I did. It has a hole worn in it by the pick guard from the wear and tear.

B Chord – Canaan, Thank You so much for taking the time to talk to us and we are so excited to see you in Maryland on August 25th at Union Jack’s in Annapolis.

Canaan Smith – Thank you for allowing me to do this and I can’t wait to see everyone at Union Jack’s.

We would like to take a minute and thank Canaan for talking with us. He mentioned to check out his music on Spotify and there could be some new music coming very soon!! We look forward to seeing you at the show at Union Jack’s Annapolis…..



Canaan’s Website: www.canaansmith.com

Concert Tickets: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=7500625&REFERRAL_ID=tmfeed&crosssite=TM_US:1702202:341368&_ga=2.52559211.277998685.1502313153-1178790652.1502313153

Union Jack’s Annapolis: http://www.unionjacksannapolis.com/