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The morning after the release of “Found You”, we were able to speak with Kane Brown about the new song and his Self-Titled Deluxe Edition album coming out. The album will contain the same songs as the original release with 4 new tracks, including a duet with Chris Young. The deluxe version is out on October 6th. We asked him to describe his early beginnings all the way up to his current projects. Kane Brown has one of the largest social media followings in the business. We hope you appreciate the interview as we are huge fans of Kane as well.

B Chord“Found You”, your new single release came out last night!! That is so exciting. Can you give us some insight on the song and also the deluxe album that will be coming out this October?

Kane Brown – The writing process man was me, my buddy Taylor Phillips, this guy Brock and a few others that helped. We were basically writing a song about this guy’s broken heart. Everything seems to be like the same thing writing recently, so we wanted to make it a little different. We took a guy who was broken- hearted and picked him up and took him out of the bar and to a house party that he says he doesn’t want to go to and he meets this girl. He never would have met her unless he went to the party and had lost his ex. The debut album “Kane Brown” was really a story about my life and everything that I had gone through. When listening, you really get to learn who I am. With the Deluxe version, I am getting to add four new songs. I am going to show all my fans the route I am heading with my music. I feel like it sounds a lot different. I recently got engaged, so I am just telling you I am in love. Every song on there is pretty much about my fiancé except for one.

B Chord – Tell us a little about being discovered as a Facebook artist that had a fantastic following to now being signed with RCA Nashville. You now have a certified gold record with “Used to Love You Sober” and “What Ifs”?

Kane Brown – Man, it is honestly hard at times but really cool as well. When I first started out a bunch of people saw these numbers come out and they said “Ah this is fake, blah, blah, blah.” To me it was like, who am I and how is this fake? I didn’t have the money to do this. It was really hard with radio because they agreed that what I was doing was fake, but I knew what was real because I have my solid fan base who know who I am and what I am doing. I could live my whole life and have this solid fan base and be fine and comfortable, but if I want to get to that Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean level I really need radio. So that has been the hardest part, but luckily we have radio now and it is not that bad being the Facebook guy anymore.

B Chord – What can someone expect to see at your show that has not yet had the chance to see you perform?

Kane Brown – You are going to see a rock band with more of my band being rock than me. I am still working on my stage presence and still trying to learn all I need to learn on stage. I am starting to dance a little bit more too. My band is just really fun to watch. Especially my bass player and my rhythm guitarist they are just super rock and roll man.

B Chord – One of my favorite songs that you perform is “Cold Spot”. Can you give us some insight on this song and where it originated from?

Kane Brown – Yeah man, the song originated from my Granddaddy. He used to own a store called the Cold Spot. It was just recently torn down. They sold everything from crickets, worms, minnows, etc. You could even get your deer license there and beer as well! It was just this perfect little convenience store. There were no Walmart’s, Targets or interstates, so everyone had to drive right by his store. That is where I learned to play baseball and basically where I grew up. After I went to Nashville, country music is all about songs that tell a story, my background was really in the back of my head. I took it from there and literally the day that I finished the song I was going to go show it to my Papa and he passed away. It was a month later that they tore the building down and then four or five days ago my Grand Dad brought me his Cold Spot jacket. So I still have that memory but the other memories are just what I remember.

B Chord –What has been one of the highlights for you being on the Jason Aldean Tour?

Kane Brown – Just being on the Jason Aldean tour! He is a good guy and an awesome role model for music. He is a rocker. I am an idol to Chris Young. I just get off stage and I “fan girl” the whole time and sign along to their music. It is awesome.

B Chord = “What Ifs” rose really fast and is now Certified Gold. Can you describe the shooting of the video? The views are just breathtaking!

Kane Brown – It was in California about three hours outside of where we landed. There were vineyards everywhere and huge cliffs with underwater caves. There were seals jumping everywhere while we were filming. Then the backside of where we filmed was all woods. A huge pasture with cows and they even said bear would run through this area as well. We were able to ride Arctic Cats up there and go four wheeling to see some of that scenery. It was great for Lauren Alaina and me because we grew up in this small town of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and just to be in Nashville now and then go and record a music video together. It was sick.

B Chord – One of my highlights you do is the “Bathroom Productions” on your social media. Can you tell everyone about that and how it started?

Kane Brown – We always started doing our covers in a bathroom with great acoustics so we said oh we will just start calling it Bathroom Productions!

B Chord – Do you have a favorite venue that you have played so far?

Kane Brown – Oh man, I would have to say the Intersection. I give them a lot of love. I have played there now three or four times and it always sells out! The people there are just always great.

B Chord – What is written on your dog tag we see you wearing?

Kane Brown – I actually lost that man. It broke my heart. My fiancée got that for me and it has the coordinates of where we first met and the date.

B Chord – Is it hard to stay true to your sound in the country music format? I love the songwriting and storytelling in today’s country music but I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Kane Brown – Honestly, these days I am just going to write my music and release it. I have such a core fan base that I grew on Facebook so it really doesn’t matter for them. But you have to be careful with country radio because you have to find at least one song you can put out and that they will play. It is kinda like Justin Timberlake or Steven Tyler putting out a song and trying to get it played on country radio.

B Chord – You can pick one male or female artist to do a duet with. Who would it be and why?

Kane Brown – I am going to say Jason Aldean. I already have one with Chris Young that is coming out real soon. But I would have to say I would love to do one with Florida Georgia Line as well. I have been on tour with FGL and they are two huge artists and I love their music. It would be cool to have a rock song or a “windows down” driving around song.

B Chord – Our signature question for every artist we interview is as follows. You are stranded on an island and you can take one guitar. What would it be and why?

Kane Brown – I would have to say it would be my newest Martin. I love that guitar and it has an amazing sound.

B Chord – I want to ask you to tell us about one more thing. I was looking around and saw a charity initiative coming up that you were backing and wanted to spread the word on that. Can you share that with us?

Kane Brown – Sure! I teamed up with Make Room, Inc. to become a voice for people who can’t manage to pay their rent or need help to pay it. I grew up experiencing the same thing. My mom didn’t make a lot of money. She had two kids and basically was a single parent. She never let on to us at all though that she was struggling. So I really want to help other people out like she did.

I just want to take a moment to thank Kane Brown for a truly amazing interview and keep up the great work man. You can find all his links below. Please go and Pre-Order Kane Brown Deluxe Edition now!!

Kane Brown Website – http://kanebrownmusic.com/

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/3oSJ7TBVCWMDMiYjXNiCKE#_=_

ITunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kane-brown-deluxe-edition/id1277175594?app=iTunes




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