It Was “Worth The Wait” for B Chord To Interview Lindsay Ell

Our love for Lindsay Ell goes back to the first time she appeared on the Bobby Bones Show. She aced every song they asked her to play and her guitar playing made me want to go out and buy a new guitar and do the same. It wasn’t that easy. I learned very quickly that Lindsay had much drive, determination and tenacity. At this point, I just had to see her play live. I had the opportunity when Lindsay came to Baltimore for the “Girls With Guitars” concert at the Hippodrome Theatre sponsored by WPOC. We had the chance to meet Lindsay and watch her perform. My first reaction when I heard her start playing the guitar and singing was, boy she can play! Months and maybe years went by and I was worried due to the stigma in country music of women not being able to climb the charts, that she would always stay the amazing guitarist that no one would ever hear. I have to tell y’all, I am so happy I was wrong. We then got to see her perform at the Million Dollar Show in Nashville and from that moment on, Lindsay took no prisoners. Her album “The Project” sky rocketed to the top of the charts and made everyone do a double take. Well, not her devoted fans! I have to say if you have not listened to Lindsay, please do. You will hear sounds of Sheryl Crow, John Mayer and Shania Twain. Lindsay developed quite a fan base on the “Weekend Warrior Tour” with Brad Paisley this past summer. We hope you appreciate this Q&A we did with her. I can’t wait to see what is next for Lindsay Ell!

Lindsay is a country music singer songwriter, and guitarist from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her first full length album “The Project” is currently available for purchase. At the age of 6, she started playing and mastering the piano and by age 8 fell in love with music and the guitar. She went on to become Valedictorian of her high school. Lindsay studied business at the University of Calgary and then went to The Berklee College of Music. The amazing Randy Bachman discovered Lindsay when she was only 15 years old and helped her producer her first album “Consider This.” He said of Lindsay that she was “the most talented and multi-faceted artist I’ve come across in many years.” I have to say we totally agree!  We hope we’ve covered some questions that haven’t been asked of Lindsay before.

B Chord: So you have been through a whirl wind of excitement with “The Project” being released. Tell us a little of how you have been feeling over the last month since the album has been out? All while being on the Brad Paisley tour is pretty amazing!!

Lindsay Ell: It’s been a crazy past few months for sure. Getting to officially release my debut album has been amazing. I finally feel like I know what I want to sound like as an artist…and that’s a hard thing to find sometimes. I’m grateful for my producer, Kristian Bush. He really helped me through the process of discovering myself and my sound. And the Brad Paisley tour has been so inspiring. It’s amazing to get to watch one of your guitar idols play ever night on stage. I feel lucky to have toured with Brad and have learned so much from him.

B Chord: We wanted to reach out to one of your fan clubs, so we asked Jacquie who runs @LindsayEllFans on twitter to give us a question. Here you go. ..Is there any song you recorded for “The Project” that didn’t make the cut?

Lindsay Ell: Great question Jacquie! First off…Jacquie is amazing! I have the best fans. .And yes! I can think of a few off the top of my head. One called Panic Attack that I know is going to be on my next project. Hopefully I’ll start recording again next year!

B Chord: Kristian Bush is such an amazing person and talent. How did he help and influence you on this album?

Lindsay Ell: I’ve learned so much from Kristian throughout this whole process. Being a songwriter, artist and producer himself…he understands so many sides of this business. I feel that he was the perfect person to guide me and surround me with the right influences to help me discover my sound. The Project would not have been brought to life in the same way without him.

B Chord: Which food do you miss most from Canada?

Lindsay Ell: I have a sweet tooth…so Canadian maple syrup, Coffee Crisp, Smarties (which are not like US smarties), SKOR bars and Tim Hortons.

B Chord: What does Girl Power “GRL PWR” mean to you?

Lindsay Ell: Being fearless! Not letting people around you influence your decisions. Following your heart and your gut and going for it.

B Chord: If you could speak words of wisdom to every female artist trying to make it in the music industry, what would you tell them?

Lindsay Ell: Discover who you are, and do not stray away from it. Surround yourself with people you respect and admire. You will rise to the level of your friends, so make sure you’re making good decisions with the people you bring into your life. And lastly, hard work NEVER goes under looked.

B Chord: You are an amazing guitarist and musician. How do you keep yourself at your best while always improving? How much do you still practice during a typical week?

Lindsay Ell: Every week is different because I travel so much these days. I know that I always try to play guitar every day. Sometimes that means 4 hours and sometimes that means 10 minutes. But I always try to practice or work on something new every single day. Also, playing with musicians that are better than me helps you raise your own bar.

B Chord: I recently saw that Fender sent you a custom guitar with the paint scheme of the guitar you painted for “Waiting on You.” Are they going to release this guitar for sale? How did they send it to you and were you surprised?

Lindsay Ell: I painted a guitar for every song on my record. I wanted fans to be able to listen to The Project in its entirety and then get to see The Project in paint. I started playing the Waiting on You guitar at my shows because fans were reacting to all my guitars. When Fender surprised me with an official signature model…the first Lindsay Ell signature…I was shocked! Hopefully, one day soon I’ll have a signature guitar on the market.

B Chord: So we ask our signature B Chord question to every artist that we interview. Here it goes… you are stranded on an island and you can take just one guitar with you. What would it be and why?

Lindsay Ell: This answer has been changed recently. I name all of my guitars…At the end of the Brad Paisley tour, Brad bought me a custom 65 relic strat, and it’s now my favorite guitar – appropriately named Bradley.

B Chord: The video for “Waiting on You” was very well done. Where was it filmed and how long did the process take? Who are the background singers in the video?

Lindsay Ell: We shot the video for “Waiting on You” just south of Nashville with director, Peter Zavadill. I wanted a video that was organic and real, like the song is to me. Peter’s treatment seemed to fit everything that I wanted; as it was based around tube amps to begin with…It took us all day to shoot the video. I was able to use my own band in the video as well as hiring two incredible backup singers, April Rucker and Danelle Corbin.

Lindsay, thank you so much for doing this interview, I truly appreciate it. An interview with you has been one of B Chords desires for a long time and I am so glad we got the opportunity.

Please go get “The Project” if you haven’t done so yet. Also, below you will find links to some of Lindsay Ell’s social media and music.

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“New Beginnings” with Madeline Smith

We branched out to New Jersey for this interview and got the chance to talk to Madeline Smith! Madeline is an amazing singer/songwriter and musician that we have been following for some time. She truly has a unique sound that is unrivaled and some of the best song writing I have experienced so far. She has released two albums so far “Madeline Smith” and “New Beginnings” and both are worthy of your downloading. When we started B Chord, the goal was to provide a voice to the up and coming singer/songwriter and help them gain exposure in the different markets. So, we could not be prouder to help her and let y’all know who Madeline Smith is! I know you will enjoy.

B Chord – Tell us a little about where you grew up and how you got into music?

Madeline Smith – I grew up in New Jersey which is kinda weird for the genre of music but spent my summers and holidays down in Louisiana. All of my family is from there and we have a hunting camp in Mississippi. I grew up with strong southern roots and country music. So I was the girl in New Jersey who wore cowboy boots and sang country music. They would all ask what is wrong with you. So, I started getting into music when I was around 10 or 11 and that is when I started to play the piano as a part of school. I never thought of it as anything other than that until I was in High School and my guitar teacher said “hey you could do this for a living.” That had never even occurred to me before that moment. I then said wow that could be amazing, so I told my parents that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Their response was “Heck No!” “You need something that will be stable.” “You are going to go to college and you are going to get a good job.” I was 15 at the time and made them a deal. I said if I get all A’s and finish high school early by doubling up on all my studies will you support me in this? So, I finished high school at the end of 10th grade with a 4.0 and my parents said “Ok we see you are serious about this and we will support you.” So I have been doing it ever since.

B Chord“New Beginnings” is your recently released new album. Can you tell us a little about the album and the process of creating it? Also, do you have a favorite song on the album?

Madeline Smith – We are working on the video right now. So we will have one out this month and three more that we will scatter on the releases. We wanted to try and get them all filmed now before it gets too chilly to film outside. We finished the final draft yesterday and we are working on all the final changes. It will be on Vevo and scheduled to be released hopefully in the next few weeks. We filmed that one up north, while we were thee for shows. I have a video guy in that region who is really awesome and we shot it up there. Favorite song on the album….. Oh, I don’t know. I love each song for different reasons. With “New Beginnings” it is a bit different because every song has a story behind it, where as my first album was created when I was 16/17 and I was putting out songs. I didn’t know who I was yet and just wanted to put out music. The first album is always that way you try to figure out how does this work and I just want to put out a song. It was such a learning experience and with “New Beginnings” where I took the time to make it what I wanted it to be and personal about my life. People relate to music being more personal. So it is really hard for me to just pick one song when I love them all and they all mean something different.

B Chord – You have hit the top 20 on the U.K. charts and also attended the British Country Music Awards. How was that experience?

Madeline Smith – Oh my gosh, it was crazy! First off, we had no idea that was going to happen. We took the first three singles “Stay” “State of Mind” and “Catchin Fireflies” and decided to put them out on the U.K. scene. The radio over there is so much different than it is here in the U.S. Radio is not controlled in the U.K. so anyone can put out singles on the radio and have access to the format. It is really awesome because anyone can be heard. We didn’t do any promotion on them, rather we just gave them the songs. I then received a call from my guy over there and he said, “You will never believe this but you are in the top 20!” I couldn’t believe it. All three singles hit the top 20 and that was insane. I was then invited over to play on the British Country Music Awards. It was a different experience because it is so different from the U.S. awards. I was out of my element but it was really nice. We hopped on a tour for a little bit and had a blast.

B Chord – You have opened for some amazing people so far in your career! Kelsea Ballerini, Darius Rucker, Lee Brice and recently Dylan Scott. What have you taken away from these experiences and does any single one stand out for helping and mentoring you?

Madeline Smith – That’s a hard question. They have all been amazing in their own ways. Every show we have done with the amazing acts have been incredible and the fans have been absolutely incredible. It is awesome to see how the fans support not only who they came there to see, but they become my fans too. Country music fans are not about following just one artist. They support everyone in the genre and that is just amazing! So, one of the coolest experiences is when we opened for Darius Rucker and I was about to turn 17 at the time. It was the third show I ever did in my life and it was very intimidating. I had no idea how I got that job, I didn’t have a CD out, no one knew who I was, and someone just called and said hey we want you to open for Darius Rucker. How did you even find me and no one even knows who I am ha. It was so funny and looking back on that was incredible. There was 5,000-6,000 people and I remember thinking I can’t believe I am in this moment. Now those moments are more frequent and that was the first of many. We have recently played in front of 30,000 people. It is cool to see how it has grown over the years.

B Chord – So in honor of your song “Lie To Me”, which we love by the way, tell me two truths and one lie and let’s see if I can guess the lie. Ready?

Madeline Smith – Oh My Gosh. Two truths and a Lie. I have never done this before. Ok ok I got it. I can play the banjo, I can play the mandolin and I have lived in Asia.

B Chord – Ok let me think, I am going to say the lie is that you can play the banjo

Madeline Smith – Nope I can play the banjo, I can’t play the mandolin!

B Chord – Ah, you got me. I was trying to give you all the musical accolades so I should have known. I have seen you play piano and guitar. Ahh.

B Chord – I think you just had a pretty big birthday didn’t you? 21! Happy Birthday, has anything changed since?

Madeline Smith – Thank you. Finally, when we play bars and I can finally drink at all these venues. Nothing else has changed. I have been playing bars and clubs for the past 3 years. I was allowed in if I was playing legally but that is really the only difference.

B Chord –  You had the ability to work with Kent Wills, Dolly Parton’s producer, band leader and guitarist. How was that experience?

Madeline Smith – It was awesome! Kent is great! I worked with him on both of my albums. He is a phenomenal producer and guitarist and it shows while playing with Dolly for all these years. So he actually brought in Nashville’s top musicians for the album. He wanted to do both the albums the right way. We spent a lot of time talking about influences and where we wanted to go with it. He actually heard me and heard what I wanted out of each album and that is why we work so well together. He listened to my words and somehow made it all musical. It is so hard to create something if you don’ t have a vibe with that person. I am so lucky and blessed to have found and worked with him on both of my projects.

B Chord – A group from New Jersey that was on a T.V. show made “GTL” famous right, Gym, Tan, Laundry. I know, I know Jersey Shore. Give us Madeline Smith’s three must do’s?

Madeline Smith – Oh instead of Gym, Tan, Laundry, it would have to be Starbucks Food and being goofy. People who know me make fun of me on my Instagram because every day it is Starbucks. Then they make fun of me for the amount of food posts I do. I am a huge foodie. I am also a goof ball, so they are the three things I am known by.

B Chord – What would be your favorite venue you have played to date?

Madeline Smith – It would have to be The Arena in Orlando, Florida. We played an event there for the ECHL All Star Game. It was broadcasted on NHL Network and we played during the intermission of the game. It was a filled arena and it was broadcasted on television. We had no idea it was on until we started getting calls saying, “Hey did you know you are on TV right now?” It was so cool. That is the biggest venue we have ever played and it was terrific.

B Chord – I love your storytelling in your song writing. It is very true and real. My favorite song of yours so far would have to be “Stay”. I know, I love the slow sad songs, ha! Can you tell us a little about the writing process and where the inspiration came from?

Madeline Smith – It is actually my favorite song ever. People always think the song is about a break up and it actually isn’t.  That is one of the things I love about the song, it has such a double meaning. It can be about breaking up with someone or also about losing someone you love. I actually wrote the song about my Cousin and my Grandmom. I lost both of them in a span of a year and they were both very shocking and unexpected. The song was about losing someone I loved and then being able to get through that. Girls love this song and they come up to me after a show balling saying, “I just broke up with my boyfriend.” I love that they get that meaning too and it is just such a different meaning for me. It is great that people can find different ways for the song to touch them.

B Chord – Tell us your favorite video which you have recorded?

Madeline Smith – I would have to say, “State of Mind”. That was a really fun one to record. It was my first video that I ever made and everyone in it was either friends or family. The video director said, “Let’s get a bunch of extras and fake food and we will stage a party.” We looked at him and said “No, No, No, No, No!”. We will get friends and we will have a real party! We had all our friends and family at a farm and we had a party and that is what he filmed. I think that is why the video seemed so real.

B Chord – So, at B Chord, we have a question that we ask everyone. So much that I might not have to write it in future articles. I will ask it to you a little differently. So, you are stranded on an island and you can take one instrument with you. What would that be and why?

Madeline Smith – I would have to take my Martin guitar. It was my first guitar and it is gorgeous! It is an acoustic electric and I take it to just about every show! So that is my go to instrument.

B Chord – Do you have any exciting news or must see shows coming up?

Madeline Smith – Definitely keep an eye out for the new music videos! We are doing so many videos right now and they will be spaced out so we don’t overwhelm everybody. It will be a lot of new content and visuals to these songs. There is so much I can’t share  right now, but there is a lot coming out very soon.

Please go and check out the following links for all Madeline’s music


Michael Ray Wins The Big Prize At The York Fair



On Sept. 8th, we ventured out from Maryland to the York Fair. It brought back a ton of childhood memories, as we would go every year just as the school year returned. This year we didn’t go just for the rides, food and crafts, rather we went to sit down and talk with Michael Ray about his tour and career. As we arrived at the venue, the staff was so accommodating and helpful in every way. We were instructed as to what we needed to do and where to go all with smiling faces. We were then led to a back room under the stage to conduct the interview. We were met by Michael’s new manager and former drummer. They escorted us around some trailers and we realized that we were actually going to interview Michael Ray on his tour bus! Yes, I totally freaked out a bit but tried to stay calm. Michael Ray, I promise I will never ever forget your kindness and hospitality during this interview. Ok, now let’s get to the interview. I hope you enjoy…..


B Chord – What was it like being mentored by someone as cool and famous as John Rich?

Michael Ray – It was great man! John is one of those guys that when you meet him you feel like you have known him for years. He is such a good dude and he is just so in tune with music. John Rich knows whomever is on the charts right now sitting at number one, about to go number one, or the Top 40. He is one of those guys that you just sit back and learn from. That relationship was something that really helped me out. He has been a great friend and mentor. We have written a few songs together “Run Away with You” being one of them.

B Chord – You actually stole my next question, which was how did the process of writing that song together come about?

Michael Ray – Ha, my bad! We were actually at his house and John and his wife had just returned from their first vacation in 5 years. This was because they have little ones and he is always on the road and has his hands in 9,000 other business ventures. His wife owns a few businesses as well so they are super busy. When he got back, he just had the melody of “I Just Wanna Run Away” “You”.  So we were just hanging drinking Crown and smoking cigars at his bar, which is an actual night club, and I was driving my tour van at the time. The guys and I were still all living together in one place. We then started talking about how in this day and age with technology, we have the easiest ways to communicate but NO ONE communicates! People in the 1800’s did it better. Life today is just so fast paced and if you do what we do you are home for a second and gone again. I don’t have kids or a wife so I can only imagine how hard it is for him to balance family and work. He was saying how great it was that John and Ms. Joan went. I am trying to remember which one of us said “It’s good to kinda shut the phones off and run away with the person that you love”. That was it! We collaborated for 6 hours, but the song only took 45 minutes to write. The rest of the time was drinking Crown and smoking cigars!

B Chord – Congratulations reaching Number 1 with “Kiss You in the Morning”. Where were you when you heard the news and how did it make you feel?

Michael Ray – Thank you, thank you so much. Man, when “Kiss You in the Morning” went Number 1 it was a whirlwind of a week. The record came out and the song went quickly to number 1 and I played Good Morning America for our first big TV spot. We ended up being in my hometown and got to celebrate the single with my Dad and everybody Andrew, John and myself are all from Florida and grew up in the same area. So it was a really cool moment to be back at where it all started and visit some of the places that let me play in high school when I was just learning. I was even paid a couple dollars more than they should have for my knowledge at the time. My hometown has helped me to get where I am today and I could not have asked for a better place for the first number to occur. Some individuals go an entire career and don’t have a number one hit, so I just feel so fortunate and truly blessed. There is just so much great music out there today.

B Chord – This leads right into my next question. You were able to play a special performance of “Kiss You in the Morning” while you were in your home town of Eustis, Florida, correct?

Michael Ray – Oh yeah, at the Walmart! I grew up grocery shopping there my whole life. Actually my cousin who is selling merchandise for me now was working there at the time. My Aunt I believe still works there to this day. It was so cool. We had a thousand people at my hometown Walmart all there just to see us play.

B Chord – Your current single is out now, “Get to You”. I love the song as well as the video. Did you write the song? Can you give us some insight into the recording of this song?

Michael Ray – A couple buddies of mine wrote that one. Cris Lacey my A&R Rep at Warner had it pitched first. I wanted the second album to stand apart and wanted it to show growth. I didn’t want anything real crazy or off the wall. The focus was on the growth we have been through the last couple of years being out with Darius Rucker, Brantley Gilbert, Kip Moore and Sam Hunt. All of these guys that we have been able to open for, standing side stage to watch and learn. We also love to learn from the fans and crowds as we grow our fan base. The song vocally was exactly what we wanted to do and showed off a little more of what I knew I could do that we really didn’t touch in the first record. So luckily it was up for grabs. I have written a bunch of songs and pitched songs to other artists as well. I truly believe when you weigh it out the best song always wins. Sometimes another person can put something into words that your emotions won’t let you do. That is one of the coolest parts of music, but especially in Nashville. We wouldn’t have a career without song writers and song writers wouldn’t get their songs heard without singers. So being able to stand on stage knowing that we are all on that stage together as a team effort is a really cool thing. Truly I hope one day I write a big hit song for myself as well. That is what country music is all about. Everyone moves to that town with a dream and we all need each other in some shape or form. “Get to You” was just one of those songs that when we got to the studio just stood out. We knew this is it and that’s the one we want to go to.

B Chord – How about the video? Are you really driving the truck in the scenes?

Michael Ray – Yeah so my buddy Shane Tarleton who is actually a genius at Warner, has always had these crazy little ideas that always seem to work. You learn to not even question him and you just go with it. He says to me “Alright man, here me out. We take a video of you just driving and singing. One camera and that is it.” So I say Ok I gotcha. He says ‘It will take 45 minutes”. I am like, there is nothing in music that just takes 45 minutes especially with a video because you always have to deal with lighting and everything else. So I go and pick them up at Warner and within an hour we were back. I just drove over this one bridge in Nashville about 8 times and sang the song each time. We stopped and took a few shots out of the truck. I did do my part with the jeep scenes a few times. I had the song on in the truck and I just sang along with it. It was great bro. It has been one of our most liked videos and now I think man, we spent so much on the other ones and this one was the most simple.

B Chord – On the video it shows “Chapter 1”. Does that mean this will Segway into another song?

Michael Ray- Yeah we have some ideas in the works. We are in the middle of cutting the rest of the record now so we are still putting all of that together. So stay tuned!!

B Chord – So we have to ask how long did the famous tribal tattoo on your arm take to complete?

Michael Ray – Whoo. I think it was about 3 ½ hours a session and I probably had 5 or 6 sessions. The reason I have this is that my Dad has the same tattoo. He, his brother and my best friend have one. My Dad is a paramedic firefighter and so is my uncle and my friend. My three sisters and I signed our signatures on his chest as a tattoo as well. He was getting it and I thought I will do that too, but I wanted one a lot bigger! Ha!

B Chord – So when you release a song that has the name Jesus in it did you get some blow back? How did it go over when you wanted to record and release it? I love the song and it is one of my favorites.

Michael Ray – We definitely got blow back on that song. I think some people took it more literal than it was meant to be you know. My grandfather was a huge part of my life and in my career. We lost him a couple months before I got to debut at the Opry. He was the one who taught my Dad, my uncles and cousins to play guitar. I honestly wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him. I put that song out because it reminded me so much of him. The part in that song where it says “To say I love you they don’t need a reason” that was my grandfather. He would call you back if he forgot to say it all the way up to the day he passed. My family was raised with the belief that the men did all these positive things and they loved Jesus. That is what the song is meant to be. I get that I am not the type to try and force anything down anyone’s throat and we are all allowed our own opinion. I truly put this out because I felt like I needed to say if for my grandfather.

B Chord – I asked everyone the same question and here it goes. You are stranded on an island but you can have one guitar with you. What would it be and why? Did you cheat and go and look at some others?

Michael Ray – No, no, I didn’t cheat. I almost did. I had the link and I almost looked! Ha! Oh with not having electricity I can’t take my grandpa’s Gibson, but I can say his Epiphone Hummingbird. He played it for years and I now have that at my house. That would probably be the one out of all of the ones I have. I do love my McPherson but that would have to be the one.

B Chord – So you are about to embark on the 2017 Get to You Tour. Looks like about 15 stops or so? Can you tell us a little about it and what we can look forward to?

Michael Ray – We actually added more! I think it is up to about 20 right now. We are also going to kick off the Dustin Lynch Tour. It is great because we are on tour with Dustin and his new album is just amazing. We are only on tour with him for the first weekend. I wish we were on there for more. Then we shoot to Canada for a tour with Dallas Smith and Lauren Alaina. That will be great!


We then worked our way out to the stage to see Michael take it by storm. The entire stage setting was fantastic. The band engaged the crowd to a point that you felt that they were your best friends and it was just a night in the garage jamming out. Michael has such a stage presence that he can capture everyone and bring them into the song. He truly has found his voice and his fan following. I was blown away by Lucas Chamberlain on the lead guitar, Carl on rhythm guitar, Jonathan Sepulveda on the bass guitar and the new addition to the band Kyle on the drums. Andrew his past drummer is now his manager and can I say one of the nicest people who worked out the entire day for us. Michael thanked everyone as he pointed out everyone from his cousin on merchandise to John 2.0 on sound. He truly makes his tour a family affair and as a fan I felt like family too. Thank you so much Michael Ray and I only hope I can shed a bit of light on the amazing person that you are.

Do us a favor and go and purchase “Get to You” and check out the following links for Michael Ray.



Website –

ITunes “Get To You” Single –

Photos from the York Fair Show





B Chord “Found You” Kane Brown


The morning after the release of “Found You”, we were able to speak with Kane Brown about the new song and his Self-Titled Deluxe Edition album coming out. The album will contain the same songs as the original release with 4 new tracks, including a duet with Chris Young. The deluxe version is out on October 6th. We asked him to describe his early beginnings all the way up to his current projects. Kane Brown has one of the largest social media followings in the business. We hope you appreciate the interview as we are huge fans of Kane as well.

B Chord“Found You”, your new single release came out last night!! That is so exciting. Can you give us some insight on the song and also the deluxe album that will be coming out this October?

Kane Brown – The writing process man was me, my buddy Taylor Phillips, this guy Brock and a few others that helped. We were basically writing a song about this guy’s broken heart. Everything seems to be like the same thing writing recently, so we wanted to make it a little different. We took a guy who was broken- hearted and picked him up and took him out of the bar and to a house party that he says he doesn’t want to go to and he meets this girl. He never would have met her unless he went to the party and had lost his ex. The debut album “Kane Brown” was really a story about my life and everything that I had gone through. When listening, you really get to learn who I am. With the Deluxe version, I am getting to add four new songs. I am going to show all my fans the route I am heading with my music. I feel like it sounds a lot different. I recently got engaged, so I am just telling you I am in love. Every song on there is pretty much about my fiancé except for one.

B Chord – Tell us a little about being discovered as a Facebook artist that had a fantastic following to now being signed with RCA Nashville. You now have a certified gold record with “Used to Love You Sober” and “What Ifs”?

Kane Brown – Man, it is honestly hard at times but really cool as well. When I first started out a bunch of people saw these numbers come out and they said “Ah this is fake, blah, blah, blah.” To me it was like, who am I and how is this fake? I didn’t have the money to do this. It was really hard with radio because they agreed that what I was doing was fake, but I knew what was real because I have my solid fan base who know who I am and what I am doing. I could live my whole life and have this solid fan base and be fine and comfortable, but if I want to get to that Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean level I really need radio. So that has been the hardest part, but luckily we have radio now and it is not that bad being the Facebook guy anymore.

B Chord – What can someone expect to see at your show that has not yet had the chance to see you perform?

Kane Brown – You are going to see a rock band with more of my band being rock than me. I am still working on my stage presence and still trying to learn all I need to learn on stage. I am starting to dance a little bit more too. My band is just really fun to watch. Especially my bass player and my rhythm guitarist they are just super rock and roll man.

B Chord – One of my favorite songs that you perform is “Cold Spot”. Can you give us some insight on this song and where it originated from?

Kane Brown – Yeah man, the song originated from my Granddaddy. He used to own a store called the Cold Spot. It was just recently torn down. They sold everything from crickets, worms, minnows, etc. You could even get your deer license there and beer as well! It was just this perfect little convenience store. There were no Walmart’s, Targets or interstates, so everyone had to drive right by his store. That is where I learned to play baseball and basically where I grew up. After I went to Nashville, country music is all about songs that tell a story, my background was really in the back of my head. I took it from there and literally the day that I finished the song I was going to go show it to my Papa and he passed away. It was a month later that they tore the building down and then four or five days ago my Grand Dad brought me his Cold Spot jacket. So I still have that memory but the other memories are just what I remember.

B Chord –What has been one of the highlights for you being on the Jason Aldean Tour?

Kane Brown – Just being on the Jason Aldean tour! He is a good guy and an awesome role model for music. He is a rocker. I am an idol to Chris Young. I just get off stage and I “fan girl” the whole time and sign along to their music. It is awesome.

B Chord = “What Ifs” rose really fast and is now Certified Gold. Can you describe the shooting of the video? The views are just breathtaking!

Kane Brown – It was in California about three hours outside of where we landed. There were vineyards everywhere and huge cliffs with underwater caves. There were seals jumping everywhere while we were filming. Then the backside of where we filmed was all woods. A huge pasture with cows and they even said bear would run through this area as well. We were able to ride Arctic Cats up there and go four wheeling to see some of that scenery. It was great for Lauren Alaina and me because we grew up in this small town of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia and just to be in Nashville now and then go and record a music video together. It was sick.

B Chord – One of my highlights you do is the “Bathroom Productions” on your social media. Can you tell everyone about that and how it started?

Kane Brown – We always started doing our covers in a bathroom with great acoustics so we said oh we will just start calling it Bathroom Productions!

B Chord – Do you have a favorite venue that you have played so far?

Kane Brown – Oh man, I would have to say the Intersection. I give them a lot of love. I have played there now three or four times and it always sells out! The people there are just always great.

B Chord – What is written on your dog tag we see you wearing?

Kane Brown – I actually lost that man. It broke my heart. My fiancée got that for me and it has the coordinates of where we first met and the date.

B Chord – Is it hard to stay true to your sound in the country music format? I love the songwriting and storytelling in today’s country music but I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Kane Brown – Honestly, these days I am just going to write my music and release it. I have such a core fan base that I grew on Facebook so it really doesn’t matter for them. But you have to be careful with country radio because you have to find at least one song you can put out and that they will play. It is kinda like Justin Timberlake or Steven Tyler putting out a song and trying to get it played on country radio.

B Chord – You can pick one male or female artist to do a duet with. Who would it be and why?

Kane Brown – I am going to say Jason Aldean. I already have one with Chris Young that is coming out real soon. But I would have to say I would love to do one with Florida Georgia Line as well. I have been on tour with FGL and they are two huge artists and I love their music. It would be cool to have a rock song or a “windows down” driving around song.

B Chord – Our signature question for every artist we interview is as follows. You are stranded on an island and you can take one guitar. What would it be and why?

Kane Brown – I would have to say it would be my newest Martin. I love that guitar and it has an amazing sound.

B Chord – I want to ask you to tell us about one more thing. I was looking around and saw a charity initiative coming up that you were backing and wanted to spread the word on that. Can you share that with us?

Kane Brown – Sure! I teamed up with Make Room, Inc. to become a voice for people who can’t manage to pay their rent or need help to pay it. I grew up experiencing the same thing. My mom didn’t make a lot of money. She had two kids and basically was a single parent. She never let on to us at all though that she was struggling. So I really want to help other people out like she did.

I just want to take a moment to thank Kane Brown for a truly amazing interview and keep up the great work man. You can find all his links below. Please go and Pre-Order Kane Brown Deluxe Edition now!!

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Ashley Gaines Puts Her Name In The Sand At Chesapeake Beach Opening for The Eli Young Band

ches beach stage

We spent Labor Day at the lovely Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa in Chesapeake Beach, Md. The venue is top notch. They offer everything from an eloquent stage surrounded by white sand and the water as a peaceful backdrop. The food options were superb and they offer very reasonable beverage prices. There were multiple bars on each side of the venue as well as a food court area. We even had a chance to visit and try our luck in the amazing casino located above the Rod and Reel Restaurant. I truly recommend seeing a show at this venue or enjoying a fun weekend trip to enjoy the resort. The staff were extremely helpful and the seating options are like none other.

The show started off with John Luskey, the most well-known country voice in the Calvert County area. He opened with a barrage of great jokes to make the fans feel a part of his act. The first song he played was entitled “Online Dating”. This was a playful song making fun of the world of technology and social meeting dating and contained texting abbreviations as well as a hashtag or two. As he had the audience engaged and laughing, proceeded right into his terrific ballad “Southern Wind”. He explained that this song would be on his upcoming album. You should definitely purchase a copy. As John introduced his next song “She’s In Love With My Best Friend”, you were prepared for a tug at the heart strings. A few lines into the song and you realized the “Best Friend” was his dog. This song is very well written with humor and great lyrics. At this point John introduced Ryan Webster, a Belmont University attendee who joined him on the stage. Ryan introduced himself explaining that he lived in Nashville for 5 years while attending school and writing music. He has since moved home to Calvert County and is currently working on an album. He played two songs that he had written “Young Faces” and my favorite “Whiskey At The Bottom”. It was at this moment that Ashley Gaines was introduced. John Luskey, who has taken her under his wing, as the Calvert County native stated she is a beautiful young singer and put her at the center mic. She was received with a tremendous reception from her family, friends and fans that came to share this monumental moment! Let’s face it y’all she is opening up for the Eli Young Band!! Ashley introduced herself and noted that at the age of 21 she released her first EP “These Moments”. She explained the name of the album and title track was derived from realizing that life is too short and you have to live in the moment! As she finished the song with a tremendous ovation she went right into “Best Friend Forever” that was a very touching ballad. The last song she performed was “Get Away Baby”. This song was up-beat with a feel of Kelsea Ballarini mixed in with it. It was phenomenal and the applause she received after her last song showed it.

Next on the schedule was JD & the Straight Shot. Some of you may know the lead singer, James Dolan, as the Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden. Apparently, James Dolan has a passion for music, and formed a 5-member band as he served as the front man. This band gave me the challenge of placing them in a category, but they gave me a bluegrass vibe. Along with being a musician, James should add storytelling to his list of talents. Every song had a story behind it and he took the time to explain each one prior to performing them. Honestly my attention was on the fiddle and the back-up vocalist, Erin Slaver. She has raw beautiful talent and I hope to hear her perform a solo in the near future! (Erin is engaged to Nashville Star, Chris Carmack who was there enjoying the show with his baby girl in tow).

It was now time for the Eli Young Band from Denton, Texas to play. They performed hit after hit, three of which rose to number one songs and did not disappoint. The moment they took the stage everyone was on their feet. They started with music from their most recent album “Fingerprints” and everyone seemed to sing right along. I managed to move up to the side stage and the bassist for the band, John Jones looked down and saw the shirt I had on and yelled “Adair’s Saloon huh”. I laughed and said yeah? A little back story…… Adair’s Saloon is one of the oldest country bars in the Dallas, Tx area where some of the icons like Willie Nelson have played and is an amazing bar. He then said “I threw up in that bathroom many a night!. We both laughed as he got back to dropping the bass line. They played “Saltwater Gospel” that seemed to be so fitting for the venue which they were playing with water surrounding the stage. It was at this time that all the number ones exploded out of Mike Eli’s mouth. “Always the Love Songs”, “Crazy Girl”, “Even If It Breaks Your Heart to my all-time favorite “Guinevere”. The show was amazing and they truly impressed every fan that showed up.

In between sets, I was able to sit with Ashley Gaines and ask her some questions about her background and goals in her musical career. I hope you enjoy:

B Chord – Ashley, you have focused on dance for a long time that led you to college. In college, you post a video of yourself singing and it got great feedback. Describe how singing became a focus for you?

Ashley Gaines – I have been dancing since I was three years old. Sherry’s Dance Center here in Calvert County and we are like a big a family. Growing up I would always run around the house and sang and danced. My family would always say Ashley you have a great voice why don’t you try singing. I would always so no, no I don’t and then I would get shy and wouldn’t want to sing anymore. So really only my friends and family ever knew I could sing. So, then I get to college and one of my close friends that I met right off the bat who is a music major and has some music on iTunes as well. So we are in the dorm room one day and we were both singing to a song and she said “Ashley you have a really nice voice!!” I said aww thank you. She then said, “You should do a video and put it on my YouTube channel”. So that is what we did! I put it on Facebook and it got really good feedback. So, a really good family friend at our church pulled me in to the praise band. It has been no looking back from that point. My first time singing in public was a Christmas Eve Service in front of the entire church and that was three years ago. At this point I got in touch with my dance teacher who knew my voice coach Kay Lynn Scott. She lives in Texas and I do Skype voice lessons with her. She owns a talent studio named Performance Talent. I never had a lesson until about a year and half ago.

B Chord – You grew up in Calvert County which is a tight knit county. Where did you go to college?

Ashley Gaines – Yup I love Calvert County and I am currently going to High Point University in North Carolina. I am in my final year this year.

B Chord – You then released “These Moments” your first EP. Where did you record it? Did you write all the songs on the album? Give us all the details.

Ashley Gaines – I recorded the album in Nashville at a little studio called Yellow Hammer Studios. I worked with Carson Creative and they are the ones that I have worked with on my aspiring music career. The couple who own the company are Misty and Jason and both have been huge mentors to me.

B Chord – What are your plans for your musical career now?

Ashley Gaines – I am taking a year and working on my next project. I am writing and writing and working and I am going to keep going down to Nashville. I have worked with a couple different people down there. One is Jane Bach who wrote for Reba McEntire for years and I have been doing some song writing with her that is just incredible. Also, I have worked with Linda Davis as well who is on tour with Kenny Rogers right now. I have been so blessed with some of the best mentors on this journey so far. I just try to keep connecting while I am down there and playing as well. I have played at the Commodore and Douglas Corner. I had a conversation with Jane and she said we really need to get you in and play the Bluebird Café. I would just love that! All this while I am finishing my last year of school. I do have to admit I have Senioritis!! After college, I have been considering some possible areas to possibly move in Nashville as well.

B Chord – If you could do a duet with anyone who would it be and why?

Ashley Gaines – Kelsea Ballerini hands down. Whenever I write she is my person I channel. I sing a lot of her covers when I play out like “Dibs” and “Peter Pan” I love her music. She is my favorite.

B Chord – Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Ashley Gaines – Starting at an early age for me it would have to be Taylor Swift. Taylor’s vibe and confidence in the stories that she would tell were just amazing. She was one of the first concerts that I ever went to. I loved how she put on a show and I didn’t feel like I was just at a concert she was telling a story the entire time. I really liked that because that is what I am dong with dance too. You want to tell a story and make people feel what you are performing. I do love Kelsea Ballerini and Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town. Those would be my biggest influences and I sing a lot of their stuff.

B Chord – You just opened up for the Eli Young Band!! How does that make you feel?

Ashley Gaines – Yes!! I feel so great I can’t truly believe that just happened. Everybody kept asking me before are you excited? And I said it hasn’t hit me yet. I don’t think it will hit me till I go to bed tonight and look back and go oh wow. I got up on that stage and I just pretended that I was singing to my family. I block it all out. I try not to think about it too much because I don’t want it to get inside of my head and stay focused. I take a deep breath and if I let it get in my head it will freak me out so I try to not think about it all until after the show.

B Chord – Where do you see your career in 3 years?

Ashley Gaines – I would love to be living in Nashville or commuting to Nashville very frequently. I want to work with all my people down in Nashville and work on my song writing. My goal is each year to try and come out with a new project. I would love a new album or EP type thing each year. Each time I just want to step it up and step it up and step it up. I would love to be opening up for people but I know whatever God’s plan is for me will guide me. If it is supposed to happen it will happen. This is all new for me and when I started college I would have never dreamed of this happening to me. I am just taking each day one at a time and I am so excited with where it is going. I would love to be another Kelsea Ballerini one day.

B Chord – Do you have any other really cool dates booked?

Ashley Gaines – It is so hard right now while I am in college as well. I am working around winter time for some venues for winter break. I have a bunch of venues that we are talking to so keep on the lookout for that.

B Chord – I have to tell you “Best Friend Forever” is my favorite song of yours on the EP. Can you tell me your process in writing it and also where did the story come from?

Ashley Gaines – That is actually the first song I ever wrote. I wrote it March a year ago. That one again came from my personal experiences. It was about three years ago when I went off to college and me and this boy were talking and I didn’t want to fall for him. Well, I did and here we are three years later still together. He was my first love and my best friend. It is straight to the point. He is in the military and is stationed at Travis Airforce Base in California. I will be seeing him on my fall break in October and I can’t wait.

B Chord – Who is the guitarist on your album? I walked in as you were doing a sound check and spoke to your family. One of the first questions I asked them was who played guitar on the album because it was flawless. You can just listen and be sucked in to the sound and the immense talent.

Ashley Gaines – Jeff Dayton is the guitarist on the album. He was Glen Campbell’s guitarist for 15 years. He was amazing and then he also working with Jason Carson as well. They both did a great job.

B Chord – So here at B Chord we ask everyone the same question. You are stranded on an island and you can have one guitar with you. What would it be?

Ashley Gaines – My brother Branden Gaines plays for me for the past 8 years and he is phenomenal. I am actually learning more on the guitar now and would have to say it would be a Taylor. I think they have an amazing sound. I really love them.

Ashley is an incredible up and coming talent that has all the pieces to become a start. She has a God, Family, Friends and Fans leading her charge. Please go see her the next time you are in the area.

Ashley Gaines Pic


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Christian Lopez Aims “Red Arrow” at Annapolis…

Christian Lopez Annapolis


On Saturday September 2nd, I headed to downtown Annapolis to see a matinee show with Christian Lopez who opened up for Sister Hazel at Rams Head On Stage. I was able to watch the concert and then meet with him at 49 West , a perfect coffee shop and restaurant to conduct our interview.

Christian Lopez is a Martinsburg, WV native who now lives in Nashville, TN and has devoted his life to music. He is a singer/songwriter who is poised and ready to release his new album “Red Arrow” on September 22nd with Blaster Records.

I was seated at a table with a very nice couple that knew Christian very well. They love his music and have followed him for quite some time. They shared how much of an amazing talent he is and the kindest and most humble person in the world. There was a terrific crowd for the matinee show.

Christian took the stage with his coffee in hand from his stroll through downtown Annapolis prior to the show. He introduced himself and explained how much he loved the area. It was from that moment on that he started to win over a crowd that was there primarily to see Sister Hazel. He picked up his acoustic guitar, walked to the mic stand and began playing. The best way to describe Christian’s performance is that every song that he played made you feel like you were a part of it and the story that he was telling. One of my favorite moments that evening was when he took out the harmonica and made it talk. His vocals were so pure and talented. He played heartfelt ballads as well as some up-tempo feel good tunes. At one point, I had to tell myself, wow it is just him playing and not a guitarist accompanying him. He is also a true musician on the strings. After every song the applause grew louder and louder. I guarantee everyone walked out of this show knowing who Christian Lopez was and wanted to purchase his music. He truly was born for an acoustic set.

A very touching moment was when Christian talked about the song “Steel on the Water” He told us a story about how after his 21st birthday he went to Pearl Harbor and boarded a vessel to perform for the troops. He met so many people his own age and realized the sacrifice they were making as well as the pride each had for their country. As he started playing the song it truly painted a picture for me. We were blocks from the Naval Academy where our service men and women sacrifice so much for our freedom. It was such an amazing moment. I truly recommend listening to this song as it will pull at your heartstrings.

He began playing his last song and was almost finished when one of his strings snapped on his acoustic. Like a pro, he stopped and said “Well, this is a first. Don’t worry we will get through it!” He even joked about not having a guitar tech with him on this road trip. At that moment, he was given Drew’s guitar from Sister Hazel. He then treated us to another song to close out the set. Christian is releasing his album Red Arrow on September 22nd and I highly recommend pre-ordering it now. I promise you everyone will know the name Christian Lopez very soon!

We then walked down to 49 West and had a bite to eat while discussing his career thus far. The food and atmosphere was incredible! I hope you enjoy!

B Chord – So Christian, Rolling Stone names you as one of the “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know” how does that make you feel?

Christian Lopez – You know, when I saw that and I had got a heads up a couple days before it came out I thought, every day in this world of music you are trying to get to that next small goal. Pieces of press and good shows that happen to the one bigger goal. When something comes out like Rolling Stone, it kind of helps you put into perspective what you have done, where you have come and it is validating. It is a great reminder and motivator to keep going and be proud of what you have done. It is an amazing feeling. The thing that I love about it the most is validating feeling of all the hard work you put in.

B Chord – “Red Arrow” your new album has a release date of September 22nd. Tell us a little about the project and the feel of the music.

Christian Lopez – I stated pre production for the album last October. It has been a long time. I started working with my producer Marshall Altman. The 2 years after my first album “Onward” came out I had 40 or 50 songs I wanted to consider but I knew the record needed to flow as not only, one piece of art but also a narrative of its own. So song production is a big thing and pre-production that’s what you hash out. You figure out what songs your going to choose and how you’re going to record them in sequencing. Overall vibe of the album as one piece and that is what I worked on for half a year to a year with Marshall. Then we went into the studio for 5 or 6 months to record it. But it was extremely thorough unlike my last album. Part of getting the magic on the last album was moving fast. But I really wanted to take things slow this time and we did. I feel like I gave this album “Red Arrow” everything that I had and it is a line in my song “Swim The River”. The final verse it says “I’m not good at aiming but I am taking every shot pointing my red arrow at your heart”. Basically that is symbolizing I am giving all I have, everything that is me, I am throwing it in to this situation. I am putting all my eggs in one basket and we will see what happens. I’m taking that shot. Sometimes doubt gets in the way and failure and sometimes you just need to do it. It represents this whole record and my 5 years being on the road working with this label at my age. It is where I am in my life.

B Chord – We watched the video for “Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight” on CMT and it is fantastic. Can you tell us where you filmed it and the process behind it?

Christian Lopez – We filmed it with Steve Condon and he is just awesome. The whole video was filmed in East Nashville but the main party scene is at a store called Old Made Good, awesome place. It is a thrift shop in town and we made it look like this cool old living room with a house party. We went to a laundry mat literally right next door to shoot those scenes. We took a mid 60’s Lesabre but that was a total car rental. I took that down the Percy Priest and that is where I jump off that cliff into the water. We then went to a bowling alley on the south side and shot that too. It was just all random places throughout Nashville. We tried to stick to the outskirts and I think it turned out great. It took us a couple days and then came back to shoot a few more scenes. Cece Hetrick is the girl in the video. She is actually a musician and also does some video work as well. A lot of my friends are the extras in the video and all the dance scenes were professional dancers. The people that dance really good weren’t my friends (said with a laugh). It was wonderful.

B Chord – You worked with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb on your last album. Many know him because of his connection with Chris Stapleton. Tell us a little about Dave and working with him.

Christian Lopez – Dave is amazing. I remember when Dave told me about Chris Stapleton for the first time. I didn’t know who he was. He told me “I just got hired to make this record for Stapleton” and we listen to the album in the studio when he was making “Onward” we had just finished it. We all were there listening, crying when we heard “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore”. It is crazy to have gone from there to then seeing Stapleton absolutely rule the world. Dave works in a very interesting way, which I think is a beautiful way of capturing the magic. His thing is taking first reactions and I felt it was a great way to make my first record. It was a lot of who I was as a kid but also my live show. Every day you learn what to do and what not to do. I learned from Dave that I need to trust myself and trust my gut. My gut feeling after working with Dave was do a record where I could really dive into it and take my time and be thorough. Working with Dave was amazing and I am glad I have the opportunity to try different things with other producers as well.

B Chord – How are you feeling leading up to the release of “Red Arrow” on September 22nd?

Christian Lopez – You know I am so excited. I wasn’t as involved on my first album. It moved very fast and I trusted in everyone that they were taking care of everything. This time I am involved in every step. I am on the phone at least once day asking how is everything, where are we. I really wanted to be hands on and involved in the process more. We are playing a show in my home town of Martinsburg, WV. the day after it comes out at the Shenandoah Hotel. See the problem with West Virginia is we do not have many concert venues. So a lot of the time we need to find the spot and make it. We contact the hotel and we will have the whole downstairs set up for the show. It is going to be great. I haven’t played there since my first album came out. I always try to bring those big milestones to my hometown. I am very excited and truly looking forward to it.

B Chord – I love the song “Swim The River”. It is very American and country routed. Did you write that song and where did you get the idea?

Christian Lopez – Well thank you so much for saying that. I co-wrote that song with my buddy Jordan Lawhead in Nashville. I remember I went over to his place and we were sitting on the deck. He was smoking weed out of an apple. I did not partake in the smoking but I will say I ate the apple after. We were just sitting around picking and the idea came out and the song was born.

B Chord – Favorite song to play live?

Christian Lopez – Hmm that is a really good question. You have me going through my albums and sets. I would have to say it is “Steel on the Water” That song is so heartfelt and has such a special meaning. When I wrote that song after the trip, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t offend anyone in the process. It made me realize that there are kids my age out there risking it all. I wanted to honor them with that song. It was so cool to play that today in Annapolis.

B Chord – We have a signature question that we ask at every interview. You are stranded on an island and you can only have one guitar with you. What would it be?

Christian Lopez – Oh well that is easy. It would be my broken string Fairbuilt I played today (making both of us chuckle). I love that guitar. It was built by Marty Fair just for me. So that is the only one like and it is mine. I really like that question.

I would like to thank Christian again for his time that he spent with us. He lived up to the hype and I have to say he is one of the most humble, kind and well rounded individuals I have met. I know he has some pretty amazing things coming his way.


Please check out the links below for Christian Lopez’s music, website and social media.

Christian Lopez

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Fairbuilt Guitars



Photo by Robby Klein