Shane Gamble – An Amazing Talent You Should Know

We had the privilege to speak with Singer Songwriter and Producer Shane Gamble. I truly want to thank him for his time. Shane is an amazing talented musician and person. We were able to sit down with him before his show at Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, and relax with some appetizers and enjoy his music. To give you an idea of Shane’s voice and sound I would have to say a mixture of Gary Allen and Kip Moore . Shane is a true musician and I highly recommend that you attend one of his upcoming concerts. You will not only love watching him perform but he is an amazing storyteller as well. So now enjoy this fantastic interview with a great and talented musician.

B Chord – Thanks for taking time to talk with us. 

We are currently sitting here at the lovely Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, Md. 

B Chord – So being that we have a little Maryland connection, tell us a little bit about where you grew up in Md. and some of your fav spots and venues?

Shane Gamble – I was born in Missouri, right outside of St. Louis and then very early on moved to Walkersville, Md. when I was 5. My Dad and my mom taught at Maryland school for the deaf. Started playing guitar when I was 12. I got my first electric guitar and started playing Metallica and was just addicted to it. I gave up sports and focused solely on music. I used to play baseball and was shortstop. But I have to admit I am a baseball-a-holic now. I would have to say that some of my favorite places to play in the area would have to be the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md.. Smaller venue I love to play Parallel Wine and Whiskey in Ashburn, Va. It has an awesome outdoor spot. Also, there is a really neat place in Leesburg, Va. called Vanish Farmwoods Brewery. It has a really nice outdoor feel to it. I play a ton of shows around. I have played Seacrets in Ocean City, Md. for about 5 years and we have a great fan base down there. We just played the Bottle & Cork in Dewey as well. 

B Chord – What made you start doing music and at what age?

Shane Gamble – I got addicted to my Dad’s Bob Dylan records. Early stuff like Master’s of War and Girl From The North Country. Then I got into Tom Petty and Springsteen. Some country stuff too like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, folk that were all in the 90’s country realm. Garth Brooks, Big and Rich to Def Leppard. 

B Chord – You know the thing that stands out for me on this is one name. Dylan.  I can not tell you how much of an inspiration he seems to be to all music and even today’s country.

B Chord – I have to say I love the new song Tangled In You. It is just a great feeling song with a terrific melody. I’m a sucker for love songs ha Tell us a little about the song, writing it, and then video?

Shane Gamble – So, I am married I have kids and doing what I do for a living, being out for a bunch of days at a time, it is easy to not be so grounded in that situation. So for me it is a song about staying grounded in the REAL life. The video was filmed in Hilton Head. It was a two day shoot. My social media guy John Yaglenski with Levelbest Communications, who has been on all my shoots. I actually used to teach him guitar, he is just a great business guy. Finally, I sent him a rough mix of this song and he said ” Bro, this is a great song you have to let me shoot the video for this.” So he learned through a bunch of my other shoots and he did a fantastic job on the video. 

B Chord – You have a lot of different roots in music so how do you feel about the course of country music these days?

Shane Gamble – I think its great! Honestly I can appreciate where it has come from with Johnny Cash, and Haggard. I used to listen to Skip Ewing, he is a big song writer know in Nashville and that is country. But then I also think you can hear that real country thing in what Florida Georgia Line does too. The story telling is just amazing. I wore the heck out the last Jason Aldean album. If is a well written song, and it tells a great story, I am all about it. To me it isn’t just that it is Country music it is great music. Guys like Sam Hunt kinda cross that line for people where isn’t totally country he tells great stories with great meaning that makes great music.

B Chord – Do you have any really awesome touring dates coming up?

Shane Gamble – I just added a date with Phil Vassar. It is September 24th at Landsdowne Resort in Va. It is a fundraiser for Bob Nickel who was one of Phil’s classmates at JMU. So he actually asked us to be his back up band that night. He will be at the Rams Head this weekend too. I also have a really cool festival on Saturday September 30th in Atlantic City, NJ. at Bader Field It will be with the Eli Young Band and Dan & Shay and also Chase Rice. It is called the Atlantic City Country Music and Food Truck Festival. 

B Chord – Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Shane Gamble – Just making music. Growing my fan base and producing records. I produce music in my new studio outside of Frederick, Md. now as well. So that really keeps me busy. Playing shows and producing records.

B Chord – So your album American Heart came out in 2016. Tell us a little about the process of making that album. 

Shane Gamble – So American Heart basically started when I had a song called “Turn My Way” that really surprised me. The record was kinda AAA, Americana and my guys were like, what do you want us to do with this, ha. It is really cool but different.  Yeah, so I had this one stand out track that I felt really connected to. I worked at it for about a year and it is really hard to break a song if you don’t have a million bucks ya know. So, long and short, I got really lucky the Highway Sirius XM added it and took it to #1 on their charts. So I went down to Nashville and made a record down there. I got to write with some really special people like Andrew Dorff, Deric Ruttan, who wrote “Any Ol’ Bar Stool”. So that album was written in the typical Nashville fashion with co-writing ya know. I think 8 of the songs were co-written down there. So that was my first shot at that style and being in Nashville. So we wrote it and I hung onto it for about a year and then I put it out myself. I have been working on a new album now. It will have about 10 songs and Tangled In You seemed like a summer song so I wanted to put that out. So the goal is to put the new record out in about October. So November we will put release another song with a video

B Chord – The one cover song you are so sick of doing ha.

Shane Gamble – I thought you were going to say the one cover song that you hate to play, which I don’t do because I don’t play anything I don’t like.. lol. I actually said this the other night, “Wagon Wheel” I feel as awesome of a song it is you know, Dillon, but it has become the new “Free Bird” So I have to say Wagon Wheel

B Chord – Your favorite song to do live?

Shane Gamble – Good one. This is going to sound like I am totally pumping my new single but “Tangled In You”. Maybe it because I just feel it so much right now. 

B Chord – So we have a B Chord signature question. Here it goes. Your are stuck on an island but you have one guitar with you. What guitar would that be…

Shane Gamble – Oh wow, I have to say, Martin D18, it is currently getting a neck reset right now. So if I had to go to the island right now I would be really stuck. I would be lost on the island. I would definitely take my Martin D18

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