“American Kid” Rich O’Toole Interview Before Fall Tour

This week we got the opportunity to talk to Rich O’ Toole, a Houston Texas native. He has been working hard on new music and recently released his new hit “God & George Strait” Here is a little bit of background on Rich that we used from his website www.richotoole.com.

 “With 14 top ten hits on Texas radio, it’s safe to say that Rich O’Toole knows where to call home. But like any multi-dimensional artist, especially those with one million plays on Spotify and over 1,000 full band shows performed throughout the US, including opening slots for Willie Nelson and the Josh Abbott Band, this Houston and College Station native is always looking to challenge himself and spread his wings just a little bit more. Presently, Rich O’Toole has planted his country-rock sound in Los Angeles, where he penned his latest album, Jaded.

Jaded, Rich’s fifth studio album, released in June 2014 on PTO Records. It was recorded in Nashville at Benchmark Studios and produced by Rich, Ilya Toshinsky and Mack Damon. Billy Decker, who has had 14 #1 hits in Country music, mixed the album.

The album’s title-track, “Jaded,” was written with Rich’s buddy, actor Evan Gamble, when the two escaped to Palm Springs to ride out the painful sense of defeat they felt after enduring similar breakups. “Take My Heart” may also resonate with urban-living men and women as it addresses the difficulty of moving on and finding love in the vast, and sometimes lonely, city of Los Angeles. Rich’s personal favorite on the album, “Uncle Hank,” was written with Chris Monteverde and Suzi Cochran, the nephew and widow of the late-songwriting legend, Hank Cochran, who wrote hits for George Strait, Willie Nelsen and Patsy Cline among others. The song, written in Hank’s home in Nashville, marks a tribute to his music, utilizing Hank’s famous song titles to recount a story of past love.” 

Starting in August Rich O’Toole with be heading out on the American Kid Tour 2017, making stops all over Texas (fingers crossed for a 2018 stop in Maryland). If you will be in Texas or live in the lone star state make sure to check out his website for dates and details. 

Just last week Rich released “ God & George Strait”. I was happy to wake up in the morning and see the download on my phone. It is a great sound and let’s face it, if you are a country music fan you will always have deep roots with God and George Strait and Rich feels the same way.

Q&A with Rich O’ Toole


B Chord – Thank you Rich for doing this interview with us. 

Rich O’Toole – You are more than welcome and thank you for showing interest in my music.

B Chord – Ok so here we go. First question for you, give us a little more background on yourself. 

Rich O’Toole – I am from Houston, TX. I started writing songs at the age of 17 during my first year at Texas A&M University. We now have 6 albums online. 

B Chord – So for our readers who will see this, if they could download just one song of yours, what song should they download and why? 

Rich O’Toole – I would have to say American Kid. I think this best represents what we do on the live stage now. It truly shows our sound.

B Chord – What would you say is your favorite song to cover? 

Rich O’Toole – Oh that’s an easy one, “Dancing In The Dark” Bruce Springsteen

B Chord – Give us a little insight on your song writing process? 

Rich O’Toole – Not really sure on that one. I write in the mornings with coffee. I also write leaving the bar after some beers. Songs just pop in my head and then I write it down. 

B Chord – Why did you go to country music?

Rich O’Toole – I would have to say it is just the tone of my voice and also what I grew up on. I would call us more American Country Rock or Texas Music now.

B Chord – Rich, so if you could do a duet with one person who would that be and why? 

Rich O’Toole – Bruce Springsteen!! He is my idol and I look up to him and his incredible career a lot. 

B Chord – So, we are trying to figure out the B Chord signature question ha ha. I am going to go with my daughter for this interview. So, here it goes!! This one is really deep so I hope you are ready. What is you favorite cereal ha ha? 

Rich O’Toole – Oh man, ha that is great. I would have to say I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

B Chord – Rich, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. We want everyone to listen to your music and know your name. Keep up the great work and we hope to see you at a show around us very soon!!

Rich O’Toole – Thanks Boss, it means a lot!!

Please check out the links below. We want to give you easy access to Rich O’Toole’s music. Below you will find links to his website and then also Spotify. Thank Y’all so much for giving us your time. Go download some music from Rich O’Toole and support an artist with tremendous talent.

Rich O’Toole Website



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