Catching up with Canaan Smith

We had the chance to talk to Mercury Recording Artist, Canaan Smith before he comes to Maryland on August 25th at Union Jack’s Annapolis. Let me share my excitement about Canaan being my first interview. My wife and I discovered him as we were planning our wedding. Since we are country music fans we wanted to find the perfect song and we came across his single “We Got Us” and it was perfect! We danced to that song in September 2010 in front of all of our family and friends. . I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Union Jack’s has been venturing into country music, and to say the least, we are thrilled for live country music so close to home. Join us at Union Jack’s Annapolis on August 25th, doors open at 6pm, with Canaan taking the stage around 8 pm. Please note the concert is 21+. Arrive early to enjoy dinner, pool tables, darts and a few pints of beer.  You won’t want to miss this!

B Chord Q & A

B Chord – Being a Williamsburg, Va. native you weren’t that far from Maryland. Is there anything you love about the area or remember?

Canaan Smith – I didn’t get to Maryland a whole lot but I do remember playing soccer there. I was on a travel team and we have tournaments and games. I know that every time we perform there the fans are always amazing!! I do have a new-found love and taste for raw oysters, so when we get there I need to make sure I find a great spot.

B Chord – What can a fan new to Canaan Smith expect to see at your show.

Canaan Smith – A cohesive group of guys that love what they do. I am more than just a singer singing songs. We like to include the audience and make it an experience together. This group absolutely loves what we do and it shows.

B Chord – If you were to tell someone to download one of your songs. Which one would it be and why?

Canaan Smith – Love You Like That. This song just has such a great melody to it and the words are really cool. It is a song that you can just sing along with and take a lot away from.

B Chord – You have written songs with some amazing people, Florida Georgia Line, Love & Theft, Coles Swindell and Jason Aldean. I have to say one of my favorites has to be “Black Tears”. Can you take us through how that song came about?

Canaan Smith – Oh wow, that is really cool you picked that song. Man, this started as just a bazar idea. I was at college and after classes, Tyler Hubbard, of Florida Georgia Line. What brought the idea of a prostitute who is stuck and wants out of something she feels trapped in, is beyond me. I feel we all can relate that at some point we felt trapped and needed to find an escape. The song brings out sympathy for her and was just amazing to write.

B Chord – If you could do a duet with one person, who would that be.

Canaan Smith – Oh, that is hard with all the amazing talent and artists out there.

B Chord – Let’s say pick a female artist

Canaan Smith – Ok, Adele for sure!! She is just amazing. I love all of her melodies in her songs and her vocals. She would blow me away singing with her, ha. She has some pipes though. Adele is amazing for sure.

B Chord – So I heard something and I wanted to see if it was true, ha. I listen to 98.7 WMZQ here and the Bobby Bones Show is on in the morning. I heard that you recorded the jingle for that, is that true?

Canaan Smith – Ha, yes I did that speaking part of “The Bobby Bones Show”

B Chord – But isn’t that you singing “This is the Bobby Bones Show”

Canaan Smith – Oh yeah that is me. That was great!

B Chord – Talk about pipes Man, I was like, who is that belting that part out. I tried for the longest time to listen and figure it out. You talk about Adele, you killed that brother.

Canaan Smith – Thanks man

B Chord – Ok to the real cool stuff! When can we expect new music from you.

Canaan Smith – I am actually working on it as we speak. I am not sure as far as a release date yet but I can say it will be coming soon!

B Chord – So here at B Chord we have a signature question. I am a huge guitar fan so here it goes. You are stuck on island and you can have one guitar with you. What would it be?

Canaan Smith – I would have to say my 1979 Martin D35. That is my favorite guitar. My Uncle gave it to me and it was in perfect condition. I had it on the road with me for a while but it stays home now. Every scratch and dent on that guitar, I did. It has a hole worn in it by the pick guard from the wear and tear.

B Chord – Canaan, Thank You so much for taking the time to talk to us and we are so excited to see you in Maryland on August 25th at Union Jack’s in Annapolis.

Canaan Smith – Thank you for allowing me to do this and I can’t wait to see everyone at Union Jack’s.

We would like to take a minute and thank Canaan for talking with us. He mentioned to check out his music on Spotify and there could be some new music coming very soon!! We look forward to seeing you at the show at Union Jack’s Annapolis…..


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