Adam Yarger in Ocean City, Md.

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I traveled to Ocean City, Md. to see Adam Yarger play at Cowboy Coast. Despite the storm that was rolling through, we had a great time at the concert. Adam played on the outside stage and from the time he plugged his acoustic electric Martin into the amp he had the whole place on their feet and dancing. Some of the cover songs he performed went from Outcast to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Luke Combs. Adam’s vocals were spot on and his voice had a hint of Brantley Gilbert with some Josh Turner mixed in. I highly recommend seeing him perform. Also, check out two of my favorite songs of his “Back Road” and “Find Me Fishing”. Adam has true talent and will have a tour schedule that you will not want to miss!

B Chord – So Adam, I am going to hit you with something that you probably haven’t been asked before. Your logo. I love it. How did it come about? It truly has a rustic country look.

Adam Yarger – Man, I don’t remember where the idea came from. I know I wanted something universal that could stand and out and be put on a business card to a banner. I thought people really like the arrow and the 1994, that is true to my heart because it was the year I was born.

B Chord – So give us a run down on your background, where you came from, how you got into playing music?

Adam Yarger – I loved music growing up and I used to listen to the old stuff like America and Bob Seger. My first concert I ever went to was Aerosmith and I was really into the classic rock and rock scene. It was in high school I heard my first Craig Morgan song and man, I was hooked. I loved it. It seem truly real. It was song that seemed like it could just connect to someone on that level. That is what will make you stand out.

B Chord – So I have a few years on you but when I was in High School, I was the odd man out because I loved country music when they were all listening to Led Zeppelin and Fish. I was hooked as well on that sound. So you are from State College, Pa.?

Adam Yarger – Yeah, I tell people State College because everyone knows where it is but I’m actually from Centre Hall, Pa..

B Chord – Have you played or ventured into the Maryland area a lot?

Adam Yarger – We play down here in Ocean City and the beach a lot. We are going to set up more dates down here because the area has been so good to us.

B Chord – 2015 you released your first EP. I have to tell you I love “Back Road”, did you write that? Can you tell us how that project came about?

Adam Yarger – “Back Road” is a fan favorite and yes I wrote that all by myself. The music video that is on Youtube I did that as well.

B Chord –So the video credit has your name on it. How did that come about?

Adam Yarger – I actually use to have a photography gig in high school so I have a really nice camera. When we did the song I said, why don’t we try to do a video that feels real homey. I showed my hometown and they really like the video.

B Chord – I have a question that about something that I read in your “About Me.” I get to Nashville at least 2-4 times a year and I noticed that you got to play a show with Mo Pitney. Can you tell us a little about that gig? He is a terrific guy and we were able to meet him when he played at the Country Music Hall Of Fame.

Adam Yarger – I played with him in early August of last year. I didn’t get to meet him. I was so bummed. I was so busy with getting ready and all I wanted to do was sit and talk to him for a little. Ha. He is only a year older than I am so I would have loved that sit down. Just shows how when you play with an artist you don’t always get that chance.

B Chord – You are currently on tour that has you all over. A lot of artists just run a small circle of states or venues. Give us some insight on that.

Adam Yarger – This weekend I will be in Detroit and Chicago. We just talked to our guy in Iowa and looks like we will be heading back out there very soon as well. We have Colorado in October, we will be all over the place. When the winter time comes I like to do a whole month down in the state of Florida. It is vacation work and I love it!!

B Chord – Favorite venue? One place every time you play you say, wow this is just great.

Adam Yarger – Oh, that would have to be my home town fair, The Grange Fair. I love going and playing it. Last year in August it was a living hell leading up to it. I didn’t have a band a few days before the show, my girlfriend moved out and took a bunch of stuff, ha so there was drama too. It was the best country song ever written! We had 5,000 people show up for the show it was insane. I have been going to that fair since I was 1 month old. I was born in July and was there in August. 23 years and counting and I got to play the stage I saw so many people come up on. It was a real sweet moment for me personally.

B Chord – So lyric wise and the whole package, my favorite song of yours has to be “18”. I have a 19 year old now that put me through a few grey hairs, ha. Tell us about the song.

Adam Yarger – Boy 18 is a wild and crazy age! I love a song that you can connect too and connecting to a personal moment for someone. I put everything and in that and if someone can relate to it, you can make them smile or to another place. Writing a good song could make someone smile, drink or cry. This is the most personal song I have written because I did break my hand as the lyrics say. We would go out behind the family business in the woods and throw down. It was awesome.

B Chord – We have a signature question and we ask everyone the same one. You are stranded on an island and you have one guitar with you. What would it be?

Adam Yarger – It would have to be the Martin custom series I have. We have been all over the country and that guitar is fantastic. I broke a string the other night and re-strung it and you know you start playing to stretch them out. I told my manager this sound is just amazing!! It sounds so good.

Adam is currently working on new music with Dolly Parton’s guitarist, Kent Wells, so make sure you keep your eyes out for it. Below, you will find links for all Adam’s music and social media.

Also, please check out Cowboy Coast the next time you are in Ocean City, Md.. Great venue, terrific food and a great atmosphere!!


Phil Vassar at Rams Head On Stage Annapolis, Md. Show

     I was able to attend the Phil Vassar show at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, Maryland last Sunday night. The venue was very accommodating and as you first walked in the door, having all of the merchandise for sale right there was a nice touch. After picking up my tickets, I was escorted to my table and seat. They offered drink specials and even had specialty drinks with a Phil Vassar flare. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. I felt that there was not a bad seat in the house and definitely felt a part of the show. They even offered table service when ordering drinks so you could enjoy the whole experience without running to the bar.

     As I sat down and ordered a beer, I observed that the main focal point of the stage was Phil’s piano. Instead of a normal white or black piano, it was vibrant florescent colored with red, orange, blue, yellow and white with a sun in the center and the initials “PV”. The lighting on the stage set the mood and everyone was excited for the band to take the stage. As I was waiting, I spoke to a couple fans from Virginia and Bel Air, Maryland. One couple travels wherever Phil performs as they think he is just amazing!! I first saw Phil back in the 90’s and was hooked instantly. 

     The band set up included drums, guitar, bass and piano. It was time! A cheer from the crowd and the band took the stage along with Phil Vassar. Boy was I pumped! The acoustics at this venue were spot on from the vocals to the electric guitar riffs and bass line. 

     Phil came out and welcomed the crowd. He performed two shows that night and the one that I attended was his second. He then stated “We have no set list tonight, so we are just going to perform requests. So let’s go what do you want to hear?” From this moment on it was non-stop energy coming from each musician on that stage. I felt so drawn in and a part of the entire show. Song after song, hit after hit, the entire crowd was singing right along. At one point, Phil slowed it down a bit with “Last Day of My Life” which pulled at everyone’s heart strings. As the instrumental part kicked in, Phil seamlessly segwayed into “Come Sail Away” that had everyone cheering and applauding. He then went right back into “A Dozen Roses” again. If you have not seen Phil Vassar on the piano, he will go from standing and dancing while hitting the keys similar to an Administrative Assistant typing a five page document. His energy level only rivaled one entertainer I have seen in concert and that is Garth Brooks. It takes a special talent to keep people fully engaged and also play in the manner in which he does. Top-Notch!!

     As a song would end and the people would cheer, Phil was like a stand-up comedian. He had stories to tell about each and every song. The band is made up of magicians. Yes, I said magicians…. from guitar solos, to the drums, and bass, Phil is surrounded by top notch musicians. Another stand out moment of the evening for me was when Phil got the request for “American Song”. He stated this song is just pure Americana and he was correct. Lyrics from Clint Eastwood to apple pie this songs is 100% US of A! 

     I was truly blown away by the show as well as the venue. If you have the chance please go to Rams Head On Stage and check out one of their upcoming shows in lovely downtown Annapolis, Maryland. I will leave you with the best one sentence description of Phil Vassar that I could think of, the man can make the words on a piece of paper just explode while painting a picture along with the story. Do yourself a favor and download or pick up a copy of “American Soul.”

Also, this just in, Phil Vassar and Kelly Pickler will be performing a Christmas show on Thursday December 21, 2017 at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts presented by Rams Head Promotions. Ticket link is here.

Below you will find links for Rams Head On Stage and Phil Vassar.

American Soul Summer (Deluxe Edition) by Phil Vassar

Shane Gamble – An Amazing Talent You Should Know

We had the privilege to speak with Singer Songwriter and Producer Shane Gamble. I truly want to thank him for his time. Shane is an amazing talented musician and person. We were able to sit down with him before his show at Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, and relax with some appetizers and enjoy his music. To give you an idea of Shane’s voice and sound I would have to say a mixture of Gary Allen and Kip Moore . Shane is a true musician and I highly recommend that you attend one of his upcoming concerts. You will not only love watching him perform but he is an amazing storyteller as well. So now enjoy this fantastic interview with a great and talented musician.

B Chord – Thanks for taking time to talk with us. 

We are currently sitting here at the lovely Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, Md. 

B Chord – So being that we have a little Maryland connection, tell us a little bit about where you grew up in Md. and some of your fav spots and venues?

Shane Gamble – I was born in Missouri, right outside of St. Louis and then very early on moved to Walkersville, Md. when I was 5. My Dad and my mom taught at Maryland school for the deaf. Started playing guitar when I was 12. I got my first electric guitar and started playing Metallica and was just addicted to it. I gave up sports and focused solely on music. I used to play baseball and was shortstop. But I have to admit I am a baseball-a-holic now. I would have to say that some of my favorite places to play in the area would have to be the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md.. Smaller venue I love to play Parallel Wine and Whiskey in Ashburn, Va. It has an awesome outdoor spot. Also, there is a really neat place in Leesburg, Va. called Vanish Farmwoods Brewery. It has a really nice outdoor feel to it. I play a ton of shows around. I have played Seacrets in Ocean City, Md. for about 5 years and we have a great fan base down there. We just played the Bottle & Cork in Dewey as well. 

B Chord – What made you start doing music and at what age?

Shane Gamble – I got addicted to my Dad’s Bob Dylan records. Early stuff like Master’s of War and Girl From The North Country. Then I got into Tom Petty and Springsteen. Some country stuff too like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, folk that were all in the 90’s country realm. Garth Brooks, Big and Rich to Def Leppard. 

B Chord – You know the thing that stands out for me on this is one name. Dylan.  I can not tell you how much of an inspiration he seems to be to all music and even today’s country.

B Chord – I have to say I love the new song Tangled In You. It is just a great feeling song with a terrific melody. I’m a sucker for love songs ha Tell us a little about the song, writing it, and then video?

Shane Gamble – So, I am married I have kids and doing what I do for a living, being out for a bunch of days at a time, it is easy to not be so grounded in that situation. So for me it is a song about staying grounded in the REAL life. The video was filmed in Hilton Head. It was a two day shoot. My social media guy John Yaglenski with Levelbest Communications, who has been on all my shoots. I actually used to teach him guitar, he is just a great business guy. Finally, I sent him a rough mix of this song and he said ” Bro, this is a great song you have to let me shoot the video for this.” So he learned through a bunch of my other shoots and he did a fantastic job on the video. 

B Chord – You have a lot of different roots in music so how do you feel about the course of country music these days?

Shane Gamble – I think its great! Honestly I can appreciate where it has come from with Johnny Cash, and Haggard. I used to listen to Skip Ewing, he is a big song writer know in Nashville and that is country. But then I also think you can hear that real country thing in what Florida Georgia Line does too. The story telling is just amazing. I wore the heck out the last Jason Aldean album. If is a well written song, and it tells a great story, I am all about it. To me it isn’t just that it is Country music it is great music. Guys like Sam Hunt kinda cross that line for people where isn’t totally country he tells great stories with great meaning that makes great music.

B Chord – Do you have any really awesome touring dates coming up?

Shane Gamble – I just added a date with Phil Vassar. It is September 24th at Landsdowne Resort in Va. It is a fundraiser for Bob Nickel who was one of Phil’s classmates at JMU. So he actually asked us to be his back up band that night. He will be at the Rams Head this weekend too. I also have a really cool festival on Saturday September 30th in Atlantic City, NJ. at Bader Field It will be with the Eli Young Band and Dan & Shay and also Chase Rice. It is called the Atlantic City Country Music and Food Truck Festival. 

B Chord – Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Shane Gamble – Just making music. Growing my fan base and producing records. I produce music in my new studio outside of Frederick, Md. now as well. So that really keeps me busy. Playing shows and producing records.

B Chord – So your album American Heart came out in 2016. Tell us a little about the process of making that album. 

Shane Gamble – So American Heart basically started when I had a song called “Turn My Way” that really surprised me. The record was kinda AAA, Americana and my guys were like, what do you want us to do with this, ha. It is really cool but different.  Yeah, so I had this one stand out track that I felt really connected to. I worked at it for about a year and it is really hard to break a song if you don’t have a million bucks ya know. So, long and short, I got really lucky the Highway Sirius XM added it and took it to #1 on their charts. So I went down to Nashville and made a record down there. I got to write with some really special people like Andrew Dorff, Deric Ruttan, who wrote “Any Ol’ Bar Stool”. So that album was written in the typical Nashville fashion with co-writing ya know. I think 8 of the songs were co-written down there. So that was my first shot at that style and being in Nashville. So we wrote it and I hung onto it for about a year and then I put it out myself. I have been working on a new album now. It will have about 10 songs and Tangled In You seemed like a summer song so I wanted to put that out. So the goal is to put the new record out in about October. So November we will put release another song with a video

B Chord – The one cover song you are so sick of doing ha.

Shane Gamble – I thought you were going to say the one cover song that you hate to play, which I don’t do because I don’t play anything I don’t like.. lol. I actually said this the other night, “Wagon Wheel” I feel as awesome of a song it is you know, Dillon, but it has become the new “Free Bird” So I have to say Wagon Wheel

B Chord – Your favorite song to do live?

Shane Gamble – Good one. This is going to sound like I am totally pumping my new single but “Tangled In You”. Maybe it because I just feel it so much right now. 

B Chord – So we have a B Chord signature question. Here it goes. Your are stuck on an island but you have one guitar with you. What guitar would that be…

Shane Gamble – Oh wow, I have to say, Martin D18, it is currently getting a neck reset right now. So if I had to go to the island right now I would be really stuck. I would be lost on the island. I would definitely take my Martin D18

Here is an easy way to get all access to Shane Gamble

“American Kid” Rich O’Toole Interview Before Fall Tour

This week we got the opportunity to talk to Rich O’ Toole, a Houston Texas native. He has been working hard on new music and recently released his new hit “God & George Strait” Here is a little bit of background on Rich that we used from his website

 “With 14 top ten hits on Texas radio, it’s safe to say that Rich O’Toole knows where to call home. But like any multi-dimensional artist, especially those with one million plays on Spotify and over 1,000 full band shows performed throughout the US, including opening slots for Willie Nelson and the Josh Abbott Band, this Houston and College Station native is always looking to challenge himself and spread his wings just a little bit more. Presently, Rich O’Toole has planted his country-rock sound in Los Angeles, where he penned his latest album, Jaded.

Jaded, Rich’s fifth studio album, released in June 2014 on PTO Records. It was recorded in Nashville at Benchmark Studios and produced by Rich, Ilya Toshinsky and Mack Damon. Billy Decker, who has had 14 #1 hits in Country music, mixed the album.

The album’s title-track, “Jaded,” was written with Rich’s buddy, actor Evan Gamble, when the two escaped to Palm Springs to ride out the painful sense of defeat they felt after enduring similar breakups. “Take My Heart” may also resonate with urban-living men and women as it addresses the difficulty of moving on and finding love in the vast, and sometimes lonely, city of Los Angeles. Rich’s personal favorite on the album, “Uncle Hank,” was written with Chris Monteverde and Suzi Cochran, the nephew and widow of the late-songwriting legend, Hank Cochran, who wrote hits for George Strait, Willie Nelsen and Patsy Cline among others. The song, written in Hank’s home in Nashville, marks a tribute to his music, utilizing Hank’s famous song titles to recount a story of past love.” 

Starting in August Rich O’Toole with be heading out on the American Kid Tour 2017, making stops all over Texas (fingers crossed for a 2018 stop in Maryland). If you will be in Texas or live in the lone star state make sure to check out his website for dates and details. 

Just last week Rich released “ God & George Strait”. I was happy to wake up in the morning and see the download on my phone. It is a great sound and let’s face it, if you are a country music fan you will always have deep roots with God and George Strait and Rich feels the same way.

Q&A with Rich O’ Toole


B Chord – Thank you Rich for doing this interview with us. 

Rich O’Toole – You are more than welcome and thank you for showing interest in my music.

B Chord – Ok so here we go. First question for you, give us a little more background on yourself. 

Rich O’Toole – I am from Houston, TX. I started writing songs at the age of 17 during my first year at Texas A&M University. We now have 6 albums online. 

B Chord – So for our readers who will see this, if they could download just one song of yours, what song should they download and why? 

Rich O’Toole – I would have to say American Kid. I think this best represents what we do on the live stage now. It truly shows our sound.

B Chord – What would you say is your favorite song to cover? 

Rich O’Toole – Oh that’s an easy one, “Dancing In The Dark” Bruce Springsteen

B Chord – Give us a little insight on your song writing process? 

Rich O’Toole – Not really sure on that one. I write in the mornings with coffee. I also write leaving the bar after some beers. Songs just pop in my head and then I write it down. 

B Chord – Why did you go to country music?

Rich O’Toole – I would have to say it is just the tone of my voice and also what I grew up on. I would call us more American Country Rock or Texas Music now.

B Chord – Rich, so if you could do a duet with one person who would that be and why? 

Rich O’Toole – Bruce Springsteen!! He is my idol and I look up to him and his incredible career a lot. 

B Chord – So, we are trying to figure out the B Chord signature question ha ha. I am going to go with my daughter for this interview. So, here it goes!! This one is really deep so I hope you are ready. What is you favorite cereal ha ha? 

Rich O’Toole – Oh man, ha that is great. I would have to say I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

B Chord – Rich, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. We want everyone to listen to your music and know your name. Keep up the great work and we hope to see you at a show around us very soon!!

Rich O’Toole – Thanks Boss, it means a lot!!

Please check out the links below. We want to give you easy access to Rich O’Toole’s music. Below you will find links to his website and then also Spotify. Thank Y’all so much for giving us your time. Go download some music from Rich O’Toole and support an artist with tremendous talent.

Rich O’Toole Website 


Catching up with Canaan Smith

We had the chance to talk to Mercury Recording Artist, Canaan Smith before he comes to Maryland on August 25th at Union Jack’s Annapolis. Let me share my excitement about Canaan being my first interview. My wife and I discovered him as we were planning our wedding. Since we are country music fans we wanted to find the perfect song and we came across his single “We Got Us” and it was perfect! We danced to that song in September 2010 in front of all of our family and friends. . I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

Union Jack’s has been venturing into country music, and to say the least, we are thrilled for live country music so close to home. Join us at Union Jack’s Annapolis on August 25th, doors open at 6pm, with Canaan taking the stage around 8 pm. Please note the concert is 21+. Arrive early to enjoy dinner, pool tables, darts and a few pints of beer.  You won’t want to miss this!

B Chord Q & A

B Chord – Being a Williamsburg, Va. native you weren’t that far from Maryland. Is there anything you love about the area or remember?

Canaan Smith – I didn’t get to Maryland a whole lot but I do remember playing soccer there. I was on a travel team and we have tournaments and games. I know that every time we perform there the fans are always amazing!! I do have a new-found love and taste for raw oysters, so when we get there I need to make sure I find a great spot.

B Chord – What can a fan new to Canaan Smith expect to see at your show.

Canaan Smith – A cohesive group of guys that love what they do. I am more than just a singer singing songs. We like to include the audience and make it an experience together. This group absolutely loves what we do and it shows.

B Chord – If you were to tell someone to download one of your songs. Which one would it be and why?

Canaan Smith – Love You Like That. This song just has such a great melody to it and the words are really cool. It is a song that you can just sing along with and take a lot away from.

B Chord – You have written songs with some amazing people, Florida Georgia Line, Love & Theft, Coles Swindell and Jason Aldean. I have to say one of my favorites has to be “Black Tears”. Can you take us through how that song came about?

Canaan Smith – Oh wow, that is really cool you picked that song. Man, this started as just a bazar idea. I was at college and after classes, Tyler Hubbard, of Florida Georgia Line. What brought the idea of a prostitute who is stuck and wants out of something she feels trapped in, is beyond me. I feel we all can relate that at some point we felt trapped and needed to find an escape. The song brings out sympathy for her and was just amazing to write.

B Chord – If you could do a duet with one person, who would that be.

Canaan Smith – Oh, that is hard with all the amazing talent and artists out there.

B Chord – Let’s say pick a female artist

Canaan Smith – Ok, Adele for sure!! She is just amazing. I love all of her melodies in her songs and her vocals. She would blow me away singing with her, ha. She has some pipes though. Adele is amazing for sure.

B Chord – So I heard something and I wanted to see if it was true, ha. I listen to 98.7 WMZQ here and the Bobby Bones Show is on in the morning. I heard that you recorded the jingle for that, is that true?

Canaan Smith – Ha, yes I did that speaking part of “The Bobby Bones Show”

B Chord – But isn’t that you singing “This is the Bobby Bones Show”

Canaan Smith – Oh yeah that is me. That was great!

B Chord – Talk about pipes Man, I was like, who is that belting that part out. I tried for the longest time to listen and figure it out. You talk about Adele, you killed that brother.

Canaan Smith – Thanks man

B Chord – Ok to the real cool stuff! When can we expect new music from you.

Canaan Smith – I am actually working on it as we speak. I am not sure as far as a release date yet but I can say it will be coming soon!

B Chord – So here at B Chord we have a signature question. I am a huge guitar fan so here it goes. You are stuck on island and you can have one guitar with you. What would it be?

Canaan Smith – I would have to say my 1979 Martin D35. That is my favorite guitar. My Uncle gave it to me and it was in perfect condition. I had it on the road with me for a while but it stays home now. Every scratch and dent on that guitar, I did. It has a hole worn in it by the pick guard from the wear and tear.

B Chord – Canaan, Thank You so much for taking the time to talk to us and we are so excited to see you in Maryland on August 25th at Union Jack’s in Annapolis.

Canaan Smith – Thank you for allowing me to do this and I can’t wait to see everyone at Union Jack’s.

We would like to take a minute and thank Canaan for talking with us. He mentioned to check out his music on Spotify and there could be some new music coming very soon!! We look forward to seeing you at the show at Union Jack’s Annapolis…..


Canaan’s Website:

Concert Tickets:

Union Jack’s Annapolis:

Kenny Rogers Final World Tour : The Gambler’s Last Deal is coming to Ocean City, Md.


Hi Y’all,

We have some exciting news!!

On November 3, 2017 GRAMMY Award-winning superstar and Country Music Hall of Fame Kenny Rogers will be coming to Ocean City Maryland Friday, November 3, as he celebrates his Final World Tour: The Gambler’s Last Deal. This will be the last chance to see Kenny Rogers perform in Ocean City Maryland! I can not tell you the excitement we at B Chord have about this visit!
The enduring country and pop icon has endeared music lovers around the globe with his amazing songs, heartfelt performances, distinctive voice, gift for storytelling and universal appeal. The first country artist to consistently sell out arenas, Rogers has played to millions of fans around the world, performing songs from his long list of hits which comprise 24 Number Ones including “The Gambler,” “Lucille,” “Coward of the County,” “Lady,” “Islands in the Stream,” “She Believes In Me,” “We’ve Got Tonight,” “Daytime Friends,” “Through The Years,” “You Decorated My Life,” and “Buy Me A Rose.”
Incredibly, Rogers has charted a record within each of the last seven decades. He has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, making him one of the Top Ten Best Selling Male Solo Artists of All Time, according to the RIAA. Rogers has won many awards for his music and charity work, including three GRAMMY Awards, 19 American Music Awards, 11 People’s Choice Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards and six Country Music Association Awards, including the CMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. Rogers was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013. In 2015, Rogers was awarded the CMT Artist of a Lifetime Award and in 2016, he received the Tony Martell Lifetime Entertainment Achievement Award from the TJ Martell Foundation. Kenny will be joined on his farewell tour by special guest Linda Davis!
Labeled a “song stylist” Linda Davis’ unique ability to interpret a song has made her one of Nashville’s favorite vocalists. Her duet with Reba McEntire, “Does He Love You” became a #1 hit and won both artists several awards including a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Collaboration. In 2009 Linda was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.


Tickets to see Kenny Rogers, with special guest Linda Davis, are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting the OC Box Office, Calling Ticketmaster, 1-800-551-SEAT or online at For additional information visit

I don’t care if you are a country music fan or not you know you have sung the words to “The Gambler” at some point. I know we will be there singing along to every song!!
B Chord “A Blog And A Brand With A Twang”