Thomas Rhett and The Cadillac Three at The Calvert Marine Museum 

* From a scenic marine museum tour, to otters, a lightning storm and then fireworks with Thomas Rhett and The Cadillac Three*

We had a terrific time at Solomons Island, Md. The venue is a must do if you ever get the chance. The Calvert Marine Museum is a fantastic spot for boat lover, fisherman, or family looking for a fun day out. You get to experience everything the Chesapeake Bay has to offer; sting rays, fish, crabs, jelly fish to name a few. One of the highlights was the otter tank they have outside, we could have watched them for hours. It was also a pleasure to walk the docks and end up at the Drum Point Lighthouse. Unfortunately it was closed at the time but still an amazing site to see. 

It was at this moment we went and had an amazing dinner at Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill. The soft crab platters was amazing and so was the bacon wrapped scallops with barbecue sauce. Very nice establishment. If you are ever in the area check them out 
I went and picked up my press pass and got the run down from the great folks at the venue. We decided to get a great spot in the pit area instead so off we went to the right side of the pit. The entire venue and staff was setup to work without a hitch. Well, the true test was a large lightning storm, that came right through the area and lasted approx. 2 hours. At first they wanted all people to head back to cars but the staff and sercurity realized that may be too much and graciously opened up The Calvert Marine Museum for shelter. The staff provided update and made a server thunderstorm a smooth “opening act” for the concerns. I truly want to thank all of them for the hospitality. We started singing “Friends in low places” at one point and they allowed us to have a good time and keep the moment light. Again, I can not thank the staff and other concert goers enough. 

As the storm moved out, we were then allowed to go back to the stage. We had terrific seats front row in the right corner. Walking to the stage and seeing all the amps and speakers uncovered and The Cadillac Three’s equipment made us very excited. If you are not familiar with the Cadillac Three they are an amazing American Southern Rock group consisting of Jaren Johnston @thejaren as the lead singer. He is accompanied by Kelby Ray, bass guitar, bobro, acoustic guitar, vocals and Neil Mason on drums and vocals. I was so anxious to hear It’s all about the South and White Lightning but all I have to say is wow. Every song had you sucked in rockin, dancing and stomping your boots. They really are a group I would keep an eye out for. If y’all get a chance get on ITunes and pre-order their album “Legacy”. It will be available on August 25th. I promise you it will not dissappoint and can expect many drives and parties with this album cranking. Oh yeah on a side not Jaren did drink my wife’s beer and he was so kind as to have the stage crew get her another. Ha Ha. Give them a follow @thecadillac3. 

   So if that was not enough it was no time for “The Star of The Show” and boy he did NOT disappoint!! I know he will beg to differ on who that is but all I can say is wow. The stage set up was amazing with the big screen showing clips and images to go right along with the show to the sound and lighting. Yes, I am a concert nerd. I love all the above and it all adds to the perfect show. Thomas Rhett is a true entertainer hands down. I set the bar high as I have attended over 6 Garth Brooks shows in my day but WOW. I think everyone in the venue forgot about the storm and that most of us were soaked all the way to the core. He played every hit you could imagine. I go back to the day of 90’s country and Rhett Akins “That Ain’t My Truck” got me through a lot. You can truly see Thomas has made his own name as a singer song writer and has the world ahead of him right now. Mark my words, I see a few Entertainer of The Year awards in his very near future. I will close by saying if you have the opportunity do not miss Thomas Rhett in concert if he is anywhere close to you. Heck, travel to see him it is that worth it. @ThomasRhett 

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