Mark Burke – “When It Comes To You” Exclusive Review

Mark Burke is a singer-songwriter who thrives on writing the perfect song from the heart. Growing up in Florida, Mark is now a Nashville native who has a grueling schedule playing shows and songwriting. His hard work and “never give up” attitude reveal themselves strongly in this new single. A few months ago Mark released “Love Does” and now the highly anticipated “When It Comes To You” is scheduled for release on Oct. 8th, 2018.

This song makes up the essence of a great country song. It speaks of love straight from the heart. We spoke with Mark about the inspiration for the song. “This song stemmed from finally meeting somebody special and settling down because you know that you want to do all things with them. You realize that you would do anything for that person because the thought of life before them just didn’t make sense.

Boy is he spot on! I was sitting in my truck listening to the song and it made me re-live the first moments I met my wife and brought back all those feelings and memories . I love a good love song and this has all the makings of a great one! Mark truly found his sound in this song. Lyrics like “If you wanted me to, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do, When It Comes To You” will make you think of that special someone who made you feel each word in the lyrics.

Mark Burke has a very unique sound that is all his own and makes him stand out from the crowd. The track is solid gold and the melody flows perfectly. I am so excited for Mark and can not wait for you to be able to purchase and stream this hit song on October 8th. Also, please go and follow Mark Burke at @markburkelive and follow him on this musical journey.


A Thousand Horses, Michael Hobby Is “Preaching To The Choir”

We had such a great time talking with Michael Hobby about A Thousand Horses. We discussed life on the road, Bridges EP, songwriting and also new projects. I definitely recommend seeing them in concert the next time they are in your town. The guys are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Enjoy…

A Thousand Horses Links



Willie Morrison Talks Solo Career, Favorite Venues And What The Future Has In Store…

It has been a few months that I have been trying to catch up with the Morrison Brothers. We just happened to meet up at the Jake Owen show at Hudson Fields in Delaware. First off, the venue was amazing and we actually got the exclusive on some news. We hope you in enjoy the interview and stay tuned for more. Be sure to share and pass this along.


Willie Morrison



William Michael Morgan Had All The “Beer Drinker”s Wanting More In Annapolis….

We had the chance to sit down and talk with William Michael Morgan about growing up in Mississippi to the new music he is currently working on. We discussed some of his hit songs and also talked about where his first Gold record is hanging up. We would like to thank William for his time. Go and download his album “Vinyl” today!! Enjoy and spread the word……


New Music Friday – Hamrick & Haynes Release “Malibu”


I love new music and Friday is always a great day to start looking. I recently came across Hamrick & Haynes and their single “Malibu”. I have had the song stuck in my head for days and I promise this catchy tune will be in your head all weekend. With a great story and fun beach vibe you will definitely enjoy this song. Go download it on iTunes right now, go do it……

Here is the lyric video for the song. Enjoy.



Please go check out the song at the below link.


Candi Carpenter Talks New Music, Career, Dolly And CMA Fest

We had the opportunity to go to CTK Management and catch up with one of our favorite female artists, Candi Carpenter. Candi is such an amazing person and has a personality that will take you by storm. We are so excited for her new music to be released soon. Join us as we talk to her in the beloved studio that Dolly Parton has recorded in for years. This was such a terrific experience. Thank you so much Candi!!



Tristan Jackson Gives The Music World “Wake Up Call”

We had such a great time in Nashville for CMA Fest talking with Tristan Jackson. Not only is he putting out new music in the form of an EP, he is an all around amazing person. Find out how you get Dunkin Donuts as an endorsement and how Tristan has connections with Tom Cruise all in this interview. Please check out his latest singles “Wake Up Call” and “When The Radio’s Gone” they will be on repeat I promise. Thank you so much Tristan for being so awesome. Below you can also find the video for wakeup call featuring Kirstie Lane.

Tristan has also written with a friend and a person y’all know well in Taylor Phillips!

Oh and his first line in a movie was “Want A Beer”



Ruckle & Rye – Elevating The Men’s Clothing Game

We had a blast talking with Brittany Culver, Owner of Ruckle & Rye in Nashville, TN. I love this store and it is one of my favorite places to shop. Where else can you have a beer or whiskey while you shop. Come on……. Enjoy this interview we put together.


Andrew Robear “King” Of The Acoustic Stage…

We had an amazing time talking to Andrew Robear at Tin Roof Baltimore. The venue is absolutely amazing from the setting to the food and location. I definitely recommend going to see some Live Music. Andrew and I discuss his early days in music to his new album getting ready to come out. Andrew has such an amazing sound that pulls from soul, country, hip hop and R&B. We are so excited to have him playing our B Chord Bash on June 23rd in Annapolis, Md. Enjoy and check out the links below:

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B Chord Bash Ticket Link –

Luke Pell Talks EP, Current Tour And His Thriving Career

We had such a great time talking with Luke Pell in Annapolis, Md. after he played at Rams Head OnStage. We talked about his life in the military to his early passion for music as a kid. He also takes us through the writing process on the new self titled EP “Luke Pell”. We hope you enjoy and please check out the links below. Share away and give us a follow! Thanks so much Luke it was a blast.


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